Why You Need a Kitchen Hood Installation?

Kitchen hood installation

Thinking of a kitchen hood installation for your home? Or probably for your new resto? Here’s why you should install a kitchen hood and how to choose the right one for you.

A range hood is probably one of the necessary appliances in the kitchen. Airborne grease is filtered by kitchen hood before it settles everywhere and causes major headaches due to the cleanup time it needs. A kitchen hood consists of a canopy and a fan blower motor to extract the air pollution caused by cooking. The range hood maintains the quality of air in the kitchen and makes the cleaning easier.

In a kitchen that has no installed range hood, you’ll notice how covers of the cabinets and countertops got some sticky films and grease. It is a hassle to clean up all the mess in the kitchen after spending your time cooking. With kitchen hood, it’s just a button away to stop the grease in its tracks.

Many chefs can tell what it feels like to cook without a range hood. The heat, steam, odors, and smoke being blown right in their face really sucks. Having a kitchen hood can help them stay in the kitchen for longer hours. It becomes bearable to the chef if odors and heat will be eliminated. They will enjoy cooking and experimenting new dishes with various cuisine. Kitchen hood provides suction and maintaining a steady flow of fresh air. This is the reason why every commercial kitchen and had large kitchen hood installed. Also, restaurants have had an installation of exhaust hood for the very same reason.

A kitchen hood can also benefit our health. A properly installed and ducted range hood can vastly improve the air quality- not only in the kitchen but also to the entire house. Aside from that it eliminates excess moisture and airborne grease, as well as preventing the formation of sticky films that attract molds and bacteria. It also encourages the inflow of fresh air. This is significant to those who have allergies and breathing problems.

As you know the benefits of installing kitchen hood, adding this to your kitchen will have a significant improvement. But how do know if you choose the right one? There are thousands of products available in the market. You must know some details about kitchen hood that will help you to select the right one.

The types of kitchen hood

  • Island-mount range hood – It is also known as the ceiling mount. As the name tells, it is attached to the ceiling. This applies if your cooktop or range is going to be on a center. It usually takes a contractor to install an overhead range hood. This is commonly used by many households as well as different commercial restaurants. Installation of commercial kitchen hood varies on price depending on the material used.
  • Wall mount range hood – also called chimney style. It is a kitchen hood that is installed on the wall directly above the range. This type requires a clearance between cabinets and some empty wall space above the range.
  • Under cabinet range hood – or can be a microwave range hood (microhood), its small size limits the fan or blower, making their performance far less impressive than the suction power of a full-size overhead range.

No matter what you’ll choose from the three mentioned above, it is good for you to know that range hood should always be the same width or slightly wider than the cooktop or range. This is because it must provide an adequate capture area and allow the hood to suction in the rising air pollution before it spreads out too much.