Why Enrol For A Short-Term Education


Do you want to learn and work while maintaining your lifestyle? Are you looking for ways to get a diploma in a short period of time? If you’re looking for a programme that offers convenience and practically, then why not apply for a diploma or a short course! Easy, accessible and manageable!

Short-term education is a unique type of education that lasts for few weeks and months. This program is designed to prepare students to work in areas where four-year college education may not be required. There are a number of private education institutions these days that offer various diploma programmes that are WSQ-certified. WSQ or Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications is a national credential system that trains, develops, assesses and certifies skills and competencies for the workforce. WSQ courses in Singapore include Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management, certificates in Elementary English and Service Excellence training, among others. Other professional short-courses such as English enrichment programs, Teacher’s training, financial management training and other certificate programs are also available.

Short courses may be the answer to your quest for higher education. Who wouldn’t want to receive a diploma or a certificate of completion that may add extra sparkle to your CV (Curriculum Vitae)? Who wouldn’t want to learn new knowledge and skills while working? Well yes it’s a win-win for you but still not convinced? Let’s take a closer look to what short-term education offers and why should you enrol in such programme.

  1. A unique study experience

In this technological era, there are various methods and ways developed to access short-term education programmes. We have distance learning and classroom type of learning. Online degree courses or distance learning is quite popular to international students. To meet the diverse learners needs for all types of students, distance learning adapt to learning styles for auditory learners, visual learners and kinesthetic learners through making use of multiple types of media like printed, video, audio, class forum, written essays and much more. On the other hand, classroom learning is the traditional type of education where you are required to attend a class in a learning space (room).

  1. Flexible time and economical cost

Practicality-wise, short-term courses may be fit to those individuals who are in tight budget. There are a number of online sites that offer free online courses for a certain duration. However, for those courses that provides diploma or certificate of completion, a significant but small amount is required before you can apply. Aside from this, this type of learning gives you flexibility which is an advantage especially to those individuals who are working and has a very hectic schedule. In short, short-term learning gives you an option to study at your own pace. Some may take this a good investment since it requires less time and less money than taking a 4-year Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree.

  1. Option to study an interdisciplinary field

For those who have studied or graduated in a different field but still wished to learn new and different discipline, diploma programme is one of the best options to consider. This is applicable to those professionals who are working in a company specialized in a field different from your degree. For example, you are working in a hotel company in the Human Resource Department.  If you wished to become more competent in your field, you may take up short courses on role of the manager, business development, strategic planning and learning development practice, among others.

  1. Add new element in your CV

Finishing a diploma or receiving a certificate is an extra academic activity that you may add up to your CV. The experience and new skills out from the short course will increase your opportunities to get a high-paying or specialized job.

Did you get enough dose of information to motivate you to pursue short-term education? Then, if you have decided on taking one, what you need to do is to begin your search and find the best short course fit for your lifestyle.