When To Schedule for Air Conditioner Servicing?

Sometimes it is difficult to know if there is a problem with your air conditioning system (AC). Homeowners may notice some minor problems with it, but most often, they ignore it, thinking that the problem is not that serious. Many of us avoid getting air conditioners servicing or having the air condition system maintained or checked by a technician, because doing this will definitely cost them. However, what these people do not know is that minor AC problems can lead to major issues, which will cost them more.

Tip: If your air conditioning is showing signs that are not usual, call a technician you know, who can check if there is any problem with its mechanism or motor. Keep in mind that repairing minor issues is always cheaper, than having it repaired because of major issues. All the more, buying a new unit for your air conditioning will definitely cost more.

Here Are Some Of The Common Signs When Your AC Unit Needs A Repair:

1. UNUSUAL NOISE – if you are hearing unusual noise when your AC is on, it could be one sign that the parts of it are not working well anymore, or the motor is slightly damaged.  Due to constant use, some of the parts may fall off, which is causing the noise. This can be fixed quickly, if you hire a technician who can check it for you.

2. SUDDEN INCREASE OF YOUR ELECTRIC BILLS – If you notice that your electricity bills are increasing, even if you’re not using your AC often, most likely your unit is not functioning well anymore. When an AC motor is not functioning well, it will have a hard time running, which doubles the energy that is being used. This is the reason why your electricity bill is increasing monthly.

3. AC FILTER – All air conditioning unit have filters so that it will prevent dirt and dust from going inside the unit’s motor. The dirt might cause your AC to depreciate its functionality. If your air filter is not replaced regularly, dirt and dust may accumulate inside, and cause the motor to malfunction. Furthermore, accumulated dirt and dust may block the cool air from coming out the unit, which is the reason why it takes time for the room to cool.

If you are asking, “when is the best time to have your AC checked by a technician”, the answer is – as often as you can. Some people maintain their air conditioning unit at least 2-3 times a year, and replace the filter at least once a month, depending on how often you use it.

Early call for maintenance will prevent it from getting worse. In countries that need Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), an annual checkup is required.

Reasons Why You Need Regular Checkup For Your AC:  

•    Early check up or regular maintenance for AC unit will save you money

•    If your AC unit have leaks that are not noticeable, regular check up will prevent the damage from getting worse

•    Regular AC check up will ensure the efficiency of your unit, and avoid high electricity bill at the end of the month.

•    This will ensure the safety of your family inside the house, because a malfunctioning air conditioning unit can definitely cause fire hazards, and damage the entire place.

•    Regular checkup will prolong the life of your air conditioning unit, and be able to use it for a long time.

•    Regular checkup will also ensure that the air from your air conditioning unit is clean, to prevent bacteria or air born diseases that can make your family ill.

These are the different reasons why you need to have your air conditioning unit checked on a regular basis.