What to Do when You Find a Bug in Bed

You are curled up in your blanket, exhausted from a long day, and looking forward to closing your eyes and enjoying a long night of rest. As you are drifting off into sleep, you feel something walking on your leg. On impulse, you throw the blanket back and smack at your leg. Looking down, you see a bug in bed. It darts to the edge of the mattress and disappears in an instant. You hear is pounding. You have bed bugs, but what do you do about it?

Unfortunately, effective treatment for bed bugs is not easily carried out on your own. Bed bugs are different from most other bugs because they can go a year or more without feeding at all. They can hide in the corners of your home, in your carpeting, and around your windows, and you won’t even know they are there. They also make stuffed animals, bookcases, and other areas their home.

Since they are so hard to detect, many homeowners and apartment dwellers believe they have gotten rid of the problem when the bugs are still there. They may throw out mattresses and bed linens on which bugs have been found, but that is usually not adequate treatment for bed bugs. The bugs will come back out as soon as a new mattress is moved in and life goes on for the inhabitants. They can even come back if a property sits empty for a long period of time!

The Solution

If you cannot just toss your mattress to get rid of that bug in bed with you, what do you do? The best thing you can do is hire a professional providing bedbug treatment in your local area. They can look around your property, determine the extent of your infestation, and give you advice on how to properly get rid of that bug in bed with you.

This does come at some expense, but there is even more expense in throwing out every mattress that comes into your home. As you move a new bed in, the bugs infest it just as they did the one before. You end up spending far more in store bought bombs and sprays than you would have spent for a professional to come in and kill bedbugs on your behalf.

Consider Your Safety

You also do not have to mess with dangerous chemicals when you hire a professional to get the bugs out of your home. The bombs and sprays sold in stores are a bit deceptive. Many people feel they are safe for residential use because they are sold in local stores. Unfortunately, they do contain chemicals that are unsafe to breathe. You have to leave your home until it is aired out after use, and then there is no guarantee that your bug infestation is gone.

When you hire someone to help you kill bedbugs, you will typically have to put your belongings in plastic bags. You will also have to pull all of your furniture out from the walls, so they can get to the floorboards and carpeting along the wall. This is your start to effective bed bug treatment.