What to Consider When Buying an Office Printer?

Businesses need heavy-duty printers to print, in best quality, company files and paraphernalia. There are companies that sell such printers. Companies like Brother, Canon, HP, Xerox and Samsung offer a wide variety of printers for the work environment. What should you look for when you are looking for an office printer for sale? Let this article list down the factors to consider.

Necessity. You must ask does your company require printers. If you rely on having your work files and other office-related papers printed; then there is no doubt, you need a printer.

Color or Monochrome. You must consider what the printer is for. If you are looking for machine that prints only work or excel files, then you may lean towards having a monochrome printer. If you are looking for a machine that can print images like your company’s logo or powerpoint presentations or marketing materials, then you may buy a color printer. Color printers are more expensive than monochrome printers because of its capability to print in many colors. These printers also require color ink cartridges for printing. However, bear in mind, that cartridges are expensive with color ink cartridges slightly more expensive than black ink cartridges. You need to think about that when searching for an office printer for sale.

Technology. There are many types of printers. Inkjet printers, LED printers, solid ink printers, color laser printers have different output quality and can be bought at different prices. You should also consider what type of display or touchscreen function would accommodate your company the most.

Amount of paper. Not all printers can produce same quality output. In some printers, the quality of the output wanes as more and more documents are printed. A common practice is that the number of sheets of paper your printer can hold or print should outnumber the number of documents you print on a daily basis. Large companies prefer high-end printer over personal printer because of the former’s capability to print more than one thousand prints a day. Companies also have more than one high-end printer at their offices. If your office prints on different sizes of paper, your printer should different paper trays. Two-sided printing can cut the amount of paper used in half. If your office aims to reduce company expenses, consider printers that can do two-sided printing.

Networking capability. You must consider if only select personnel or departments or if all departments can access the company printers. In this aspect, networking a printer is important. Some business printers have an ethernet connection that can be installed to a specific network. Others have wireless capability.

Multifunction. Some printers have added functions like editing, copying, scanning or faxing. However, these multifunction printers are more expensive than regular printers. They are also slower.

These are some factors you can consider when looking for an office printer for sale. Prices and print quality will vary depending on a printer’s type and capability. Here’s a list of the latest office printer models you can select from in 2014.