What Are The Top 5 Video Game Consoles?

Can’t wait until the holidays come and the season’s newest games start pouring in? Before you hunker down in your lair and prepare for week-long gamefests, check out the latest in video game consoles first. Too busy playing?

No worries. Here’s a list we especially prepared to let you know the must-have gaming consoles this year. Thinking about buying a new one? You might want to keep your eye on these devices so you’ll know which accessories—from power cable connectors to power supply connector brands—you’ll probably spending money on this season:

1. Sony Playstation 4 (520.19 SGD)

This one bagged the top place. And it comes as no surprise. Designed for plenty of gaming experiences, family and friends alike are going to love playing with the Sony Playstation 4. The unit also has the PlayStation Plus service awards players feature which entitles you to two PS5 games every month, at no charge! If there’s anything to gripe about though, it could be the lack of video chat along with multimedia apps on this gadget. However, gaming-wise, it’s an absolute win.

2. Microsoft Xbox One (650.24 SGD)

If you want your games with the bells and whistles, you might want to give this one a try. It’s a bit pricey but if you think having Skype access and a feature that enables you to record cable TV along with your daily dose of Minecraft, Assassin’s Creed and The Walking Dead is totally worth it, then you’ll find this console perfect one for you.

3. Microsoft Xbox 360 (258.80 SGD)

This remains a popular choice for many gamers the world over. With features that enhance your gaming and entertainment experience, and a low price tag, the Xbox 360 is a favourite. However, because its system only recognizes DVD-based discs, the downside is that most of the newly released games in the market need multiple discs to play. But it’s affordable so you can buy and pick accessories like power cable connectors ordifferent power supply connector brands easily, which is a great trade-off.

4. Sony Playstation 3 (330.26 SGD)

The PS3 from Sony gives you access to the PlayStation Network. This is where the magic happens if you love playing online games—and it’s for free. However, as with many devices that cross platforms, a number of developers have met with trouble when they tried to build games that would work online and on the PS3 system, encountering bugs and glitches along the way. Glitches aside though, this one is still one of the best consoles out there.

5. Nintendo Wii U (421.36 SGD)

The Wii U’s tablet-like gamepad reminds you of the Nintendo DS and 3DS. While it suffers from the lack of online access and a user-friendly interface, it’s still a good bet for gamers on the go.

Whichever device you end up with, we hope you get your wishfor the coming holidays!