What are Plunger Pumps For?

We use pumps to suction or to apply pressure move fluids. There are also pumps which are used to compress air to inflate some objects. There are different types of pumps we use every day, as these technology has made our daily lives easier.

Nowadays, different industries depend on pumps. Pumps make transfer of raw materials easier by several pumping cycles. This technology has been helpful in industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical production and even food processing. An efficient pumping system can help in minimizing cost for human labour while speeding up the job that needs to be done.

There are different types of pumps that are used for industrial purposes. Each raw material requires different kinds of pumps, as one may prove efficient for a certain industry. Among the most commonly used pumps are plunger pumps.

Plunger pumps are positive displacement pumps which are used to pump liquid and even solid materials in every cycle of operation. It is often used in large industries where high pressure is needed to move liquid and solid waste products. It is the most commonly used pump used in sewage treatment.

Plunger pumps are also used in petrochemical applications, methanol injection, oil and gas facilities and even to generate water in refineries. It has enable business transfer fluids easier and more efficient by using high air pressure. Through this, huge amounts of liquids are moved in a matter of few pump cycles.

Using high pressure, plunger pumps efficiently transfer and move municipal and industrial sewage. Plunger pumps use innovative sealing technology to lock in air pressure to move solid and liquid wastes. Seals are important in plunger pumps as they lock in air pressure in the system. It also functions with high hydraulic power to perform and meet the project specifications of different industries and business. Some also use piston pumps which work almost the same as plunger pumps, only that it is used for lesser liquid or solid volume.

Plunger pumps are usually made of stainless steel, iron, nickel or nickel alloy. The material used in plunger pumps basically depends on the purpose and use of the pump. There are also industries that use ceramic plunger pumps for moving oily fluid.

For your plunger pump needs, you may contact a contractor near you. You can also start researching about its use through the internet. It is important to know and identify your purpose for using a plunger pump, as plunger pumps also varies in terms of use. Some plunger pumps are used for waste products, while some may be used for oil transfer. After identifying what type of plunger pump you need, you can move forward to budgeting. Find the best cost of plunger pumps without compromising quality. After all, you can use this pumping system for years if it is durable enough.