Top 8 Causes of Death in Singapore

Being a first-world country, the citizens of Singapore enjoy high quality of health. This is supported by the availability of high standards of living, accessibility of quality medical devices, availability of clean water supply, and improved sanitation conditions. As a result, the prevalence of communicable diseases in Singapore is low. Along with this, low mortality rate is also being experienced by the nation care of eight of the top leading causes of deaths in Singapore. These mortality causes are discussed in this article.

Cancer. The growth of malignant tumor in various parts of the body is termed as cancer. Such abnormal cell growth which more likely spreads from an affected cell to a healthy cell was the cause of 30.1% of deaths in Singapore in 2012. At present, about 100 cancer types are known to affect humans. In Singapore, when patients learn that they have cancer, they do not immediately rush to secure a singapore casket plan. This is because many Singaporeans believe that cancer is curable due to the advance medical technology that their country possesses.

Ischemic heart disease. In 2012, 16.1 percent of deaths in Singapore were caused by ischemic heart disease. This describes the most common type of heart ailments where the arterial walls narrow. Common causes of artery narrowing are high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, smoking and old age.

Pneumonia. Inflammation of the alveoli or air sacs of the lungs happens when a person has pneumonia. This event has resulted to 16.8 % of fulfilled funeral singapore in 2012.

Cerebrovascular diseases. Damage to the blood vessels due to underlying ischemic disease of hypertension may result to damages on the brain cells. This medical event was the cause of 9.3% of Singaporean deaths in 2012. In particular, stroke was the main cerebrovascular episode that was reported in these deaths.

Accidents. Road accidents characterize most of the accident-related deaths in Singapore. In 2012, 5.6% of deaths happened due to road-related accidents, work hazards and personal violence. Suicide among teenage Singaporeans is also included in the aforementioned death percentage.

Heart diseases. In addition to ischemic diseases, cardiovascular diseases or heart ailments was the cause of 1.9% of deaths in Singapore in 2012. These ailments include abnormal heart rhythm, inflammation of the heart valves, and impaired blood vessels.

Hypertensive diseases. Hypertension among the older population was reported in 2.8% of the total deaths in Singapore in 2012. Such sudden increase in blood pressure is a result of the patient’s lifestyle and excessively high weather temperature during summer.

Chronic obstructive lung diseases. Poor airflow in the lungs due to smoking and frequent exposure to air pollution was the cause of 2.1 % of deaths in Singapore in 2012. This means that a significant number of the population is not yet heeding the ‘no smoking’ plea of various organizations.

Low mortality in Singapore is attributed to the fact that the government has the ability to provide quality medical services and healthcare conditions to its citizens. The occurrence of diseases, however, can’t be prevented and eight of the top diseases that lead to death in Singapore are given in this article.