Top 6 Travel Safety Advices

Most destinations in Singapore can be reached using land-based travel and these include buses, taxis and trains. Such feature is very advantageous for foreign tourists because of the convenience that it offers, However, while these foreign spectators are busy enjoying the scenery, appreciation of the road safety posters situated on the highway is emphasized by the local government. For a more enjoyable travel experience in Singapore, below are six travel safety advices.

Plan ahead. Prior to setting on your journey, foreign tourists and locals must always plan their itinerary first. Keeping a handy map, whether digital or actual paper plan; is always a life-saver. It would be better if a traveller has buddies who are adept in the Singaporean roadway system so as to ensure that the best routes will be utilized. However, if such travel partner is absent, the traveller must gather all the necessary information about his or her destination to save oneself from wasted time and travel anxiety.

Ready your payment. Singapore is generally a safe country but extra caution can always be used. Because of this, many road safety signs advise travellers to ready their cards, coins or tickets prior to their arrival at the ticketing booth. This must be done to help speed up the riding process but more importantly, to keep the tourist from frequently bringing out their wallet.

Check the ID of the taxi driver. When riding public cabs, tourists are advised to take note of the identification details of the driver. The traveller may opt to write down the name of the driver and the operator and the plate number of the vehicle. If one is candid enough, a photo of the ID card can be taken using the tourist’s handy camera. Doing this is not a sign of disrespect but a gesture of asserting one’s role as a responsible passenger.

Lock both bicycle wheels. For short travels, tourists can make use of bicycles in Singapore. This is not only beneficial for the health but also a great way of enjoying the scenery at the person’s preferred pace. Parking spaces for bicycles are also offered Singapore. For safety, however, it is advised that both wheels must be locked in order to avoid any untoward incident.

Take caution when riding trains. Usage of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems are the fastest mode of travelling around the country. Every day, foreigners and locals can be seen flocking these public transits. Along with this, authorities emphasize that travelers must be vigilant when riding the MRT and LRT. This means that the passengers must take care of their belongings and their health when inside the cabins. The health concern denotes that the passenger must refrain from riding these public vehicles when they feel sick so as not to compromise the welfare of the other passengers.

Inform your family of your travel whereabouts. Travellers must inform a family member or a friend of their itinerary for the day. If anything goes wrong, the informed person can relay the information to the authorities and result to faster recovery operations.

Safety is the primary concern of the Singaporean government for their foreign visitors and observance of the six tips mentioned here can help fulfil this goal.