Top 5 Considerations When Choosing Esports Betting Sites

Singapore is now on the move to promote esports in the country. Its recent project is the Singapore Sports Hub esports training facility. Taking that into account, it’s safe to say that esports betting may also prosper in the country given a set of proper terms and regulations by gambling control boards in Southeast Asia. While this reality is still on process, you need to step up the game and learn how to choose the best esports betting sites that can cater to your gambling needs and preferences as a beginner or a seasoned bettor.

Trusted Websites

Choose the most trusted esports online betting sites that play by the rules and care for its customers. Start your research by reading materials regarding the company’s background. Make sure that they’re trustworthy and reliable, and are being monitored by gambling control boards. Check their websites, scroll down, and see some logos or any other information about the company and its regulatory board.

Website Layout

The layout and navigation of the website should be simple as to not confuse newcomers and beginners. It should be easy to manipulate. The homepage should already include the products and services of the site, including the betting markets, the esports coverage, and the offered bonuses and promotions. The parent pages should also have links on the homepage.

Esports Coverage

Betting on esports is by far the most popular markets to bet on today. Make sure that the site covers the most popular and mainstream markets like the League of Legends, Overwatch, DotA 2, and CSGO. These markets should contain major, minor, and premier tournaments from the aforementioned titles.

Competitive Odds

Odds are the most important variables in esports betting, or any type of gambling for that matter. These determine your chances of winning the game, as well as the probable payout you can get for every unit you stake if your bets are successful. Make sure to only go after esports betting sites that offer competitive odds. You can do this by executing odds comparisons and line shopping. If you’re in a hurry, you can just look for odds comparison websites and see which bookmaker offer the best odds for the market you want to bet on.

Timely and Useful Bonuses and Promos

Bonuses and promotions for newcomers are important considerations when choosing esports online betting sites. These can prolong your betting foundation and give you a heads up before risking your money. Look for sites that offer the most timely and useful bonuses for your chosen esports markets.