Tipsters, Profit, and Tipster Competition

There’s no denying that esports betting is now truly popular in Singapore and other parts of Asia due to the fact that it pays a lot of money. But bettors and bookmakers are not the only ones earning money in the esports betting industry, there are also tipsters who get a fair share of profit by sharing their insights, opinions, and predictions in the community. These people join tipping sites and tipster competition promos to earn money and to give back to the community through their expertise.

What do these tipsters really do?

Tipsters are people or a group of people who are highly knowledgeable about esports betting. The best of them provide consistent tips, make consistent winning tips, and join or conduct multiple tipster online competition promos. From many types of Tipsters in all walks of life, there are two most common variations online: Insiders and Analysers.

The insiders are those who have a special connection or relationship to people who are involved in the competition, most of them are the competitors. Because of this, they have inside information and knowledge regarding the event as compared to others with limited access. These tipsters are known to have statistically certain data, predictions, and statistics. They provide statistical forecasting. They also provide nearly accurate information because of their close relationship with the people on the tournament.

The analysers are the next types of tipsters you need to know about. They are referred to a “statistical gurus” because they can use Mathematics for online betting like a genius. Since they use facts, data, and numbers, they are equipped with good reasoning following a set of probabilities that need to be analyzed for online betting. The analyzer is technically a tipster and an advisor, he is different than the insider as his answers and advice are rooted from data and facts, not first hand account from different people in the tournament.

How do they earn money?

Tipster earn money through tipster competition promos, advertisements, and tips. Tipster who provide daily and winning tips earn more money than those who can’t. This is due to the fact that daily tips are preferred because bettors will demand your tips each week, especially high roller bettors who stake large amounts of money in a single betting session. Going over the tipster online competition promos, these are promotional marketing tools used by online companies to promote their brands or other betting sites. Tipsters join these to win the prize pools and other rewards.