Tips to Consider When Hiring an Aircon Servicing Company

Before hiring a Singapore aircon servicing company to install, maintain or repair your current unit, you want to have a criteria to get the best repair company in your area. Here are some important factors to considerand weigh in when hiring a servicing company.


1. Research

If your unit is up for repairs, know the model of your current air conditioning system and remember when you first purchased it and what repairs or other maintenance procedures it’s been through. This will help them give you good solutions to any heating or cooling problems. If your newly purchased unit is ready to install in your home, know the layout of your house and take note of the uncomfortable rooms so that they better understand your needs.

When doing research, check the company’s website and read up on 1) how long they have been in the industry and 2) if they hold the correct licenses to offer repairs and maintenance service. These are valuable information when it comes to choosing a company to hire.


2. Referrals and/or Feedback

Who better to ask for reliable aircon servicing companies but friends, neighbors and family? Servicing companies get work through word-of-mouth from satisfied customers. These are the people to ask first so they can immediately tell you if a company did a fantastic or terrible job.

In case you run into some bad luck and your friends don’t know who to refer, go online and check forums for customer feedback. Look at comments being left online on websites like Yelp since this will give you a more accurate picture to whether to hire or not to hire a company.


3. Rates

Get quotes and get them from at least three different companies. Compare their cost, energy efficiency and warranties. Ask them to look at the job personally and get their price estimate in writing. If you ask them to take a look at the job and they don’t come, don’t choose that company. Don’t rely on a company who will only give an estimate over the phone.

Keep in mind that a company who offers the lowest price doesn’t make it the best deal. It may offer the lowest price but may not be the most efficient since energy costs are higher. Also, good contractors may charge more because they offer the greater service. Carefully mull over the low bids since they may not include extra routine services or warranties.