Tips on What Not to Give as Gifts for Bridal Showers

Bridal showers are one of the most highly anticipated activity for a soon-to-be bride. It’s a time when she gets to celebrate her last day (or night) as a single lady with her girlfriends. This is also a perfect time for the different ‘sets’ of the bride’s friends to meet each other and get along.

As the wedding preparations are finally coming to its climax, the bridal shower is also the right time for the ‘star’ (a.k.a the bride) to relax and have fun. So when we think of bridal showers, it usually triggers the feeling of excitement.

Preparations for the bridal shower are usually done by the maid of honor, or someone closest to the bride. Traditionally, bridal showers come in as a surprise for the future bride. But nowadays, it is perfectly fine for them to get into (at least) some of the details of the event. I suggest that you leave a thing or two unknown to the bride so as not to kill that exciting feeling.

For the preparations, a checklist is the first thing that must be done by the organizing person / group to make sure that nothing is left out. Here’s a guide on what list must have:

* Set the date of the venue

Make sure that you coordinate with someone who knows the schedule of the bride. Your gathering won’t be a bridal shower if the future bride won’t be able to attend it. If the bride knows about this, make sure that she blocks off this date.

As the wedding day gets closer, their daily schedule tend to be tighter as well. Just to be safe, set your bridal shower on a date that is the most ‘free’–like the bride should not have an early appointment the next day.

* Have a list of invitees

This is gonna be a party for the bride, not yours. Make sure to invite people who are close to her. Go the extra mile and reach out for her other sets of friends. A good party is well attended by people who truly matters.

* Decide on a theme

Just like other parties, a them will set the overall mood of the event. This will help you decide which decors to put up, which florist shop in Singapore to contact, what food to order, and the likes. If you want, you can discuss this with your short-listed attendees. Someone might have a great idea on this.

* Look for the most suitable place for the event

This would depend of course on your theme. If you’ve decided to go with a them that has to do something with water, then perhaps a private resort that can accommodate all of you is your best bet. If you’ve decided to go on a nature theme, then perhaps renting a spacious hotel room which you can decor with plants and flowers from your trusted florist shop in Singapore is your way to go.

The important aspect on this as that all of you must fit on the venue.

* Coordinate for food

For this, you can opt for a potluck type where everyone contributes a certain type of food for everybody to consume. Or if most of your attendees are busy, then you can try contacting a good caterer for your event.

* Decorate the venue

Same with the venue, the decorations need to be in line with your theme. You can try searching the internet for ideas on how to properly decorate your chosen place.

Take note, never miss this one because it will make your party ‘alive’.

* Prepare ‘exciting’ games

Now this is the exciting part. Prepare games that everyone can participate in. You can arrange the activities in a such a way that continuously builds up excitement for everyone. For instance, start with a somewhat wholesome game and move to the more kinky ones as the night progress.

A ‘surprise guest’ won’t hurt as well. *wink*wink*

* Have fun

Don’t forget that the essence of this party is for everyone to have fun. But make sure not to go overly wild on this night.