Tips On Choosing The Best Online Florist In Singapore

Hiring an online florist in Singapore is a cakewalk. You can simply go online, check out a few online florists, go through their websites, call them up, get their quotes for specific flowers and have them delivered at your desired address should the charge be acceptable to you. It cannot get any simpler, easier and quicker than that. However, the simple task can become very daunting when you realize that there are innumerable possibilities of going wrong with your choice of online florist.

You cannot simply hire any florist online. You have to hire a credible company or agency that can deliver what you want, where you want, in the manner you want and at the price you are willing to pay. Countless people have had horribly bad experiences with florists, particularly while dealing with online providers.

  • The first thing that you should bear in mind is that an online florist in Singapore still has to be a florist and cannot just be an ecommerce site or an online store. The online florist needs to have a brick and mortar store or a traditional flower shop. That is wherefrom they would be managing the orders, packing the flowers and shipping them out. A broker or an agency that runs a site of online florist but doesn’t really have a base or experience in the florist business would be a very wrong choice for anyone.
  • The second attribute of the online florist that you ought to check out is its source of flowers. An online florist may be based out of any neighborhood or any district in Singapore but should be deft in handling its procurement and supply chain. It should also be able to deliver the flowers in a manner that is desirable. You should note that flowers are perishable goods. They cannot remain as they are over time unless well preserved. Typically, people want fresh flowers to be delivered and not preserved ones. Naturally, an online florist needs to have a very active and well formed procurement strategy.
  • When you are dealing with an online florist, you are not getting to see their inventory or how fresh the flowers are. Hence, you have to be aware of how the company goes about its procurement, inventory management and delivery. Reviews from customers and reference checks can establish this.