Things to Do: Trip to Singapore with Your Kids

Planning your trip according to what your children wants and can actually enjoy can be somewhat of a challenging task, but because you’ll do anything and everything to make your family happy, you do it anyway.


Singapore offers loads of opportunity for fun and excitement; there’s so much to see and so much to do for kids, you hardly know where to begin. Look no further because this post features the top 5 activities you can do with your family that the kids, as well as the young at heart, will enjoy. Now that you’ve booked the best seats on your flight and the best family hotel in Singapore there is, it’s time to find the best activities you can do with your family during your visit to the great Lion city.


  • Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is an island off eastern Singapore where you can find the simple pleasures of life. It’s the perfect trip for families who want to enjoy a calm and peaceful day of pedaling through rustic roads and lush forests. If you want to go further into the wild, tucked away in Pulau Ubin is Chek Jawa – a 100-hectare wetlands teeming with flora and fauna. You can easily get to Pulau Ubin by catching a 10-minute bumboat ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal.


  • MINT Museum of Toys

Adults and kids will enjoy this visit to the MINT (Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys) Museum of Toys, boasting a vast vintage collection of memorabilia from the mid-19th century to mid-20th century. Each floor has its own theme and gallery that features toys everyone is familiar with. From Star Wars and Batman to Popeye and Tin Tin, the staggering collection will help you relive your childhood, one you can share with your kids.


  • River safari

Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife, River Safari, is a 10-minute boat ride where you can meet over 6,000 animals. Kids will enjoy the spectacular sight of the giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia, squirrel monkeys, and manatees swimming in a gargantuan aquarium. You’ll also learn about the animals at the River Talk Presentation where the zookeepers bring out selected animals to introduce to the audience.


  • Tree Top Walk

At MacRitchie Reservoir Park, you’ll find a 250 meter long, free-standing suspension bridge that offers a bird’s eye view of lush greeneries. The Tree Top Walk, or simply TTW, offers an escape from the city and allows you and your family to take a walk on the wild side. The bridge is nestled in the middle of the reservoir, so there are many routes that you can take getting there; however, if you’re bringing children, it’s best to take the shortest route going in and going out via Venus Drive Carpark to avoid exhausting the smaller ones in the 2.5 km hike. If you’re going to take the MacRitchie Reservoir Park, be prepared to hike 7 to 10 km (roundtrip).


  • KidsStop

Children will enjoy an immersive experience like no other at KidsStop. An edutainment center catered to pre-school and even lower primary levels, KidsStop is where kids play and learn with various hands-on activities and where they stretch their imagination. The entire establishment contains 17 zones that features different themes that offers children opportunities for discovery, role-playing, and hands-on tinkering.


Preparing for your trip is important especially when you’re bringing along your children. Once you’ve found a good family hotel in Singapore and have familiarized yourself with how you’re getting around the city, make sure your itinerary is seamless as well. Consider having a back-up destination in case your kids have a change of heart with what you’ve planned especially if it’s your first time travelling with little ones in tow.