The Professionalizing Cleaning Service Industry in Singapore

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Even cleaning services has gone professional.

This is significant in three ways. This goes to show the level of quality and high standards now demanded by the public even in routine tasks such as house cleaning. This also suggests that cleaning the house is not as simple as it used to be. There are chemical hazards and safety a list of safety precautions that are just as convoluted to follow and as complicated cable, computer home theatre and other gadget set-ups to understand.  And finally, the fact that there are such kinds of services reflect only the fact that, for whatever reason, homeowners would now rather have ‘professionals’, perform menial household chores than do these themselves.

Professional cleaning services in Singapore have therefore become a profitable commercial and business venture. It is in fact a booming industry in terms of demand and evolution as the increasing number of demand for these services has pushed these companies to offer services that are becoming more extensive and sophisticated.

There are of courses the fundamental cleaning chores:  litter picking, dusting and wiping of all accessible surfaces including windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces, sweeping and mopping of floors and clearing out garbage and waste, and cleaning of drawers, cabinets and other fixtures, washing and sanitizing of toilets. And then there are more hazardous tasks like that involve used of chemicals, appliance or equipment like disinfecting bathrooms, sinks, toilets, urinals, emptying and sanitizing of recycling bins, disposal of supply and restock washroom consumables, large window cleaning and removal of rain or water stains, air condition and ventilation cleaning, cleaning of office equipment including spot removals on tables, work stations, furniture and computer equipment, cleaning stainless steel and other special surfaces, refinishing and polishing of floors by stripping and waxing using floor buffer, carpet cleaning  using dry method of extraction, steam and bonnet, vacuum cleaning that are best left to Singapore professional cleaning experts.

But arguably the more home cleaning task that many homeowners run to professional cleaner for help is sofa and carpet cleaning which involves special understanding of leather and other fabric care health care, plus the need to use special highly hazardous chemicals which are obviously difficult for any average understand and use. For sofa cleaning, upholstery materials like leather and canvass, especially those purchased abroad are very sensitive materials and require a different level of knowledge and skills and equipment to clean and maintain. Although they can be cleaned with using typical soap and through common rag and water methods, any mistake may affect durability and quality of the material in the long run and is therefore generally discouraged. On the other hand, most cleaning services in Singapore can do all these without risk to any family member in addition to handling of high-maintenance materials like leather and upholstery which if damaged or cut by vacuum cleaners or hard wiping, is difficult or cannot be restored. Abrasive cleaning materials can easily harm these materials especially if used in improper amounts and is therefore also dangerous if used by average family members.