The Many Choices of Bicycle Rentals in Singapore

bicycle sunsetWhat better way to enjoy the open outdoor cruising across it in an open vehicle.

This is perhaps the most convincing principle behind the global popularity of bikes despite the evolution of many modern-day transportation systems.  In Europe cycling is still a very important sports, and transport infrastructures are actually designed around a “utility biking” culture and it is common to find segregated bicycle lanes and racks, bike shops and even biking laws across cities.  In Amsterdam alone, there are approximately 800,000 bikes and only 263,000 cars with 635 of the population riding their bikes daily and bike traffic accounting to 48% pf the city traffic. In North America, there has been a 300% increase in bike trips from 1977 to 2009 and 11% increase in workers who use their bike to commute to work between 2009 and 2012. In China, Beijing has Hangzhou city which recently launched the world’s largest bicycle share program with more than 60,000 bicycles today and a target of 175,000 bikes by 2020. In Singapore, the government has openly espoused the use of bikes and started designating dedicated bike lanes in major roads and highways which have prompted the increase of bicycle rental establishments throughout the city.  

There are more than a dozen bicycle rental shops just in the Singapore’s urban center that provide regular bikes for travelling throughout the country. The common choices are still among the racer, which provides extreme speed when running in smooth terrains; the mountain bike which provides little speed but is good across various terrains, surfaces even off-road trails; and the BMX which is best for casual rides and exhibition moves.

An added feature of bicycle rentals in Singapore are the various mobile application services that helps optimize bicycle rentals are also now available in Singapore. The Mobike application which uses QR codes via its app to unlocks bike for better security and more sophisticated on-line connections that can provide GPS assistance to better cruise around the city and is best for foreigners unfamiliar with Singapore routes. The Ofo application, a free application, also provides the same functions as Mobike but is generally cheaper. The oBike on the other hand, Provides the same functionality as Mobike and Ofo but has on-line transaction capabilities that allow customers to reserve a bike in advance, and park it at any of its compatible locations with packages that even provide 15-minute free rides.

Although most bicycle shops in Singapore are located around the MRT and other public transportation stations in Singapore, a few other bicycle rental shops are strategically located at famous tourists locations like East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Marina Barrage, West Coast Park, Dairy Farm Nature Park, and Kent Ridge Park. Aside from regular bicycles, most of these shops also offer freight, couples, small-wheel, sideways, tall bikes, safety bicycles and even unicycle.  Most bicycle units from rental shops in these tourists hubs, specifically those in East Coast and Pasir Ris Parks also has built in applications so that they can be used not just in touring around these parks but in navigating the greater Singapore area.

Various bicycle shops now provide on-line bicycle purchasing and services options for assembly of factory ready to custom made mountain bikes with popular choices from alloy, titanium and steel frames, ergonomic saddles, precision derailers, suspensions and shifters, and assorted tires and tubes.

Among sports enthusiasts however, the racer is a popular type made with high frames and large but thin wheels that allow fast movement across smooth terrains and are therefore best for competitions or speed junkies. Among hipsters, the BMX, a low, lightweight bike with frames designed for general comfort, is still a favourite almost as if having its own cult following from younger generation. Not generally built for extended rides like the mountain bike and the racer, the BMZ design instead appeals due to its better maneuverability and are therefore popular among exhibition artists and extreme game fanatics and can be found not just in the streets but in BMX racing tracks with various surfaces street, park, vert, dert, and flatland in addition to stunt circuits like the high jump, leap of faith and drag.