Spend Valentine’s Day With Buffet Catering and Other Culinary Ideas

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The couple that eats together, sticks together. While Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to send flowers, chocolates, and gifts, having lunch or dinner with your partner is a tried-and-tested way to make your Valentine’s date all the more special.

If you and your partner love eating, here are three gastronomic experiences to keep your tummies happy this Valentine’s Day:

  • Have a Stay-at-Home Date.

If you want to avoid the crowd of lovers in the malls and restaurants, it is wiser to stay at home and personally cook tasty Valentine dishes, from appetisers to entrées, to establish the mood. Doing this will even give you time to explore your cooking skills and learn more about your partner.

When you are cooking and eating together, there are only a few distractions. Thus, you are able to focus completely on your significant other and the meals you have prepared together. And this is where a meaningful conversation begins. While you are eating your flavourful spaghetti with carbonara sauce and an elegant dish of poached salmon, you are getting to know more about your partner’s habits, insights, and plans in life.

  • Have an Extravagant Mini Buffet Catering.

Surprise your loved one with a Valentine catering! It’s a perfect day to indulge in greasy food and sweets. This is not a time for food-shaming. When you eat together, you actually don’t care how much weight you will gain, as long as you are sharing a good experience together. And food, as we all know, is always a great experience.

In Singapore, there are numerous buffet catering providers. One of those is Fostre Catering. The latter entered in the catering business in 2009 and since then, it has been fostering relationships through food. Known for its delectable food and impeccable service, you are assured that you are in good hands.

If you decide to surprise your partner with the help of Fostre Catering, you may choose from their buffet catering menus A to H. Get in touch with them by visiting their location in Singapore or sending an email.

  • Make a Food Delivery.

Another method to surprise your loved one is through a delivery of his or her favourite food. It may be a bouquet of chocolates, a bowl of pasta, or a box of pizza. Instead of just sending a Valentine card or dozen of roses, satisfying his or her food cravings is one for the books.

Preparing for this occasion takes planning, and with your hectic schedule, you may not have the luxury of time for it. Restaurant reservations must also be done at the earliest possible time. But don’t worry if you did not make it, you can always give your partner a unique Valentine experience with a food delivery. With a number of apps that allow you to make surprise food deliveries, there’s no more excuse not to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Wow, your loved one with any of these three Valentine surprises. Whether it’s a stay-at-home date, mini buffet catering in Singapore, or food delivery, he or she will definitely be moved.