Quick Guide in Buying Furniture in Singapore for Outdoors

outdoor furniture in Singapore

Furniture is a necessity to every home and establishments, and no one could deny that. Aside from its primary function which is to support human activities, it could also make an empty space more alive, welcoming and complete which could somehow set the mood. From an extravagant dining furniture set to some cozy living room furniture set or even a simple kids’ furniture here in Singapore, everything, even the tiniest, could affect the totality of the house. Technically, it is like a patty to a burger when we compare it to food.

Aside from the many types of indoor furniture that we already might have owned, outdoor furniture is one other type of furniture that not so many of us could get because of some differences in our setting. Of course in this modern age, not all of us do have a garden or enough outdoor space to put some furniture on. Some live in condominiums placed in high towers, others live in apartments and stuff like that. But if you ever have the privilege to have your very own outdoor space and you have ever wondered of putting some decorative and furniture on the said empty and wide space, here I have prepared some no nonsense considerations if you want to buy outdoor furniture in Singapore.


– Since you are planning to place your furniture outside, you should never miss to totally understand and consider the weather conditions in your area. It is one of the most important because it can definitely affect the lifespan of your furniture. For example, water can rot and damage wood in a long period of exposure. With that said, wood based furniture is not suitable for areas where it mostly rains. On the other hand, stainless steel type furniture are good conductor of heat so this type might not be advisable for hot and sun exposed areas unless you want to burn yourself with your own furniture.

Available space

– The size and shape of the available space that you’re planning to place your furniture should be identified and measured. Being able to know these information ahead could help you decide better on choosing the right size and shape of the exact type of outdoor furniture needed in your place as well. This is very important if you do not want the final outcome of your outdoor renovation project to look either too crowded or too empty.

Placement spot

– Will you place your furniture in a shady area? Is it moist? Is it rocky? Or sandy, if ever you’re planning to put fabric or foam? Is it hot? Identifying and understanding the spot where you are placing your furniture could help you decide on what materials should be the components of your furniture.

Materials and Maintenance

– So now you are finally gonna choose the material. Since you already understand the weather and identified the placement spot, I’m just gonna give you the feature and required maintenance of the possible type of material your outdoor furniture might be using.

• Aluminum

– Feature: Light weight, very movable and rust proof

– Maintenance: A little weather treatment. Can be cleaned using water and soap

• Plastic

– Feature: Lightweight, inexpensive, very movable and rustproof

– Maintenance: Minimal care. Can be cleaned using water and soap

– Might be affected or moved by strong winds

• Steel and Wrought Iron

– Feature: Sturdy and strong. Ideal for steady placement. Prone to rust

– Maintenance: Requires periodic painting and weather treatment to prevent rust

• Rattan & Wicker

– Feature: Lightweight, comfortable, movable, rustproof of course

– Maintenance: Weatherproofing every couple of years

• Wood

– Feature: Sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable

– Maintenance: Weatherproofing every couple of years. Requires periodic treating with preservatives against rot and UV


– In the process of planning to buy new outdoor furniture in Singapore, budget will be your final stop. This will be your sort of boundary in choosing the actual pieces for your outdoor space. You should put limit to this because the whole point of getting outdoor furniture is about having a spot where you, your friends, your kids, and your family can relax outdoor and not about becoming stressed because of overspending from your shopping budget. Just always remember to live within your means.