Must Have Items For A Much More Comfortable Home


Many people can not find comfort in other places aside from their home. That is why Jestac, one of the leading architectural and interior solutions company here in Singapore provide good quality products such as the best water filters, solar films and even carpeting and matting services for your home or even your work environment. Below are some items and home necessities that can provide you the utmost comfort your home can provide you:

Carpets РNothing can do a better job when it comes to protecting tiles. Carpet are woven textiles that are normally used in covering a floor to make walking a lot quieter as well as to protect the surface the surface of the floor. It comes in many different designs and sizes. Many people also use carpets for their living room so that they can sit on the floor, and some times lie down on it. However, carpets are quite hard to maintain. It is extremely hard to clean, unlike rugs that you can just wash. 

Window film – This can be very useful specially for a house or work place that has a wall made up of glass materials. Solar films block sun energies such as UV rays and solar heat while letting visible light pass through it. It can be a lot of help during the summer time specially for those people who want to put their room temperature down a notch. This can also be installed on cars.

Water filtration РFor people with quite a sensitive stomach, it is not  convenient for them to drink water directly from the tap. A good quality water filter can do a great job purifying water so that it can be consumed without any worries of drinking water that is contaminated or polluted by any kind of chemical. Some water filtration can be attached to a water supply while some are stand alone units just like a water dispenser.

Slip resistant tape – Slipping in places such as stairs can be a grave accident that may take a life. A slip resistant tape can be applied to surfaces that are slippery when using a certain type of footwear or just when it is wet, to provide more grip for those who are walking on it. This can be a good safety measure specially for kids who often run around the house or often go up and down the stairs.

Air purifier – Our comfort does not only rely on how soft the sofa that we are sitting on is and how relaxing our home environment is to the eyes, but also on the air we breathe. An air purifier can filter air pollutants and other contaminants that can bring about allergies to some people. This is perfect specially for those children who have asthma or any kind of allergies that can be triggered by the air.

Most home owners tend to focus more on the looks and design of the interior of their home. But we should also consider investing time and money for a more comfortable and well functional home.