Materials that prevent Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are something that many homeowners will experience at some point in their lives. A roof can start leaking for many reasons. Perhaps, the roof was damaged by a tree during a thunderstorm or maybe heavy winds knocked debris into it. For older houses, the entire outside structure could just be deteriorated to the point where the wood is rotted and the roof is worn out. Whatever the reason is there are materials you can buy to prevent future leaks from happening again. A common material for fixing leaks in shingle roofs is asphalt cement.  First, you have to scrape off the old shingle and then apply this cement underneath. Make sure you remove any nails that may be in the roof as well. After you apply the cement, then you replace the shingle on top and then nail it down tightly.

If you are constructing a new home, then you should get premium roof cement by Gardner Pro-Seal. It can be used with new construction, but also for roof leakage repairs as well. If there are vertical surfaces on the roof, this material won’t sag either if applied. What makes this cement better is that it is heavier and thicker than your typical roof cement, which means it lasts a lot longer. Now sometimes roof leakage can happen because of extreme changes in temperature. For example, if you live in Florida and it gets to be over a hundred degrees outside,¬† there could be a lot of moisture or humidity built up in the attic. This will cause the roof structure to weaken and eventually sprain a leak. In these circumstances you will want to use rubber flashing cement by BlackJack SuperFlash. This material is designed to remain durable during temperature changes of both heat and cold. This cement is suitable for parapet walls and chimneys as well.

Most homeowners are not in the best physical shape to be climbing up on top of their house to fix leaks. They could take the easy route and hire somebody to do it, but that is a very costly service to have done. Luckily, there is a material that you can buy to fix leaks that works super fast and doesn’t require a lot of physical labor. This material is called “Leak Stopper,” which creates a roof patch that is rubberized. This is basically a liquid rubber mixed with plastic cement and it tightly fills the hole of the leak with its watertight bondage formula. As soon as you apply the formula, the leaks will instantly stop and the rubber of the formula will prevent any cracking in the roof from taking place.