Improving Electrical Home Safety

When it comes to the home, security is a must. In fact, many families will spare no expense, consider only the best options and invest on even seemingly practical devices just to assure the safety of family members. And in today’s increasingly hazardous world, it is only proper to do so. As natural calamities become more frequent, more intense, and radically unpredictable; as acts of terrorism and criminality happen by the hour; as virus, bacteria, chemical contamination becomes more complicated and common at the same time, there is simply a lot to worry about literally.

And then there are the simpler hazards like fire. Fortunately, one of the more devastating causes of accidents, damage and deaths is also one of the most readily preventable ones.  In Singapore, electrical junction box is among the many items that can significantly reduce fire hazards.
Simple Fire Safety Tips

Preventing fire is easy enough many of the necessary precautions involve simply understanding causes of fire. In itself fire is a natural event cause by natural causes such as gas leaks. But it is man-made factors that make the fire disastrous.

And some of these factors are very simple:  Blocked fire exits, poor ventilations and exhaust systems, improper materials and positions of waste storage facilities, improper storage of combustible materials, flammable liquids and vapors are very common man-made faults that results to fire or fire-related casualties. Maintenance is also a culprit. Of course fire doors and gas tanks or exhaust systems are originally installed properly, fire extinguishers are brought brand new and therefore pass safety standards but through time they are left unchecked and in the sudden event of fire, they suddenly do not work or even worsen the fire.

But an often overlooked cause of fire is electrical failure and related hazards. Quite logically, many electronic equipment and appliances have metal parts and therefore generate, absorb and build up heat, electrical enclosures among them. Many enclosures even have rubber and plastic parts which deteriorate over time and therefore pose considerable dangers especially if not checked and maintained properly through time.

Electrical Solutions to Reduce Fire Hazards

It may be a tad more expensive but investing in fire-proof electrical set-ups are worth the money in the long run. For instance, explosion-proof junction boxes in Singapore are quite costly but are fire-prevention measure that addresses a critical source of potential fire in electrical systems. These special enclosures are large casings that contain electrical components like switches, plugs, sockets, transformers, controls, and knobs inside a solid cabinet with integrated sound technology that make them resistant to spark and shocks. They are also made of high-grade metal that fire resistant materials that have high tolerance to extreme temperatures. In other words, these explosion-proof enclosures help avoid electrical accidents that leads to more damaging fires.

In terms of monitoring, the most important part of an explosion-proof enclosure that requires regular maintenance is the explosion-proof thermocouple head. It is a temperature measuring sensor composed of two wire legs made from different metals and welded together at one end, to create a junction. Through the thermocouple head, the junction box regulates voltage whenever it detects a change in temperature and is therefore the main part that prevents fire.