Ideas for Housewarming Gifts

fruit basket singapore

There is always that new neighbour, a friend, a relative, or a co-worker that would invite you to attend their housewarming. And it is a good thing to be asked to celebrate with them as they start a new life in a new home. And as a valued guest, you want to give the best housewarming gift to that family who was thoughtful enough to include you among the people who’ll celebrate another milestone in their life.

What can be the best housewarming gift to give?

Joan of Singapore has this habit of arranging a fruit basket as she attends such event, “People know me to be a healthy eater, and even when I give anything to my friends, it would have to be something that would promote good health, obviously. After all, I’m a nutritionist, and I want people around me to live a long, healthy life. When I don’t have time to arrange a fruit basket myself, I would just buy one that is already set from a store whose manager I already know. I believe it is a good housewarming gift because it represents something bountiful. We want the new home to be lucky and we want the family to have the best of luck with their new humble abode.”

Kitchen wares are always a good idea as a housewarming gift because they are pragmatic and definitely something the family could use, “I love attending housewarming celebrations because I love how new homes look and it inspires me to dream more about my own future house. I often give kitchen items like 12 pieces of good quality plates, or perhaps a set of cooking wares, or wine glasses. There was one time I gave my sister a microwave oven, and she loved it. I like giving gifts that they can easily be utilized, and I avoid gifts that can just be thrown easily. ”

Charrie of Singapore, on the other hand, loves giving wreath, “this is something I learned from my aunt who used to have a flower shop business. I learned that wreath symbolizes eternity so I think it is an apt housewarming gift.” The article titled Welcome Home: 10 Great Gifts for the New Homeowner from also shares the same view about wreaths being good housewarming presents, “Welcome with a Wreath. Considered a symbol of both welcome and strength, a wreath is a lovely gift for a new homeowner. A living variety like this succulent wreath should last much longer than a traditional evergreen wreath, and can even be transplanted for a happy life in a windowsill container.”

The same article believes that wall art is another ideal gift for new homeowners, “Chances are there’s a blank wall or an unadorned corner that needs some inspiration. A tasteful piece of wall art that pays homage to home sweet home will be a long-lasting reminder of their early days in their new abode.”

An elegant lamp, according to Zara, an interior designer, is a great housewarming gift as well, “Any home will need an elegant lamp not only to display but ultimately, to give light to any room. The new homeowners will definitely appreciate this gift because they can put it in the living room or even in their own bedroom.”