How to Become a Confinement Lady

You might not even know what a confinement lady is at this point; it’s not the most common career, especially in the United State’s, at last not referred to by that name. Confinement ladies are popular in certain Asian cultures where women will hire a short term companion for after they’ve given birth. A confinement lady is also called a pui yuet which is translated to companion of the month. These people help attend to the needs of a new mother and also the newborn baby. Some of the confinement ladies have their own set of rules that they’ll bring to the first time mother in an attempt to teach them about being a new mom. Some of these helpful individuals serve more as service personnel for the mother and the child. If you feel you’d enjoy helping new mothers adjust to their new lifestyles, it can be a very rewarding career.

Becoming a confinement lady isn’t as clear cut as many other professional medical fields; it’s a bit like becoming a midwife but you won’t have to do anything during the actual procedure. You will however need to step in after the baby is born, and you’ll be dedicating a lot more time than a midwife does to the mother and child. Typically you’ll get formal training to become a confinement lady at one of the main confinement lady agencies and even have the opportunity to get on the job training.

Many confinement ladies also are self employed, which means there isn’t any actual training you need to go through. Of course having training in related fields will make you much more appealing to the individuals who need confinement services; it’s a matter of beating out the competition more than anything else which is why you need to make sure you sell yourself. Selling yourself as a day time confinement lady is more important than formal training because it’s a matter of personalities. Post-natal mothers are very sensitive and they are going through a lot. They want a confinement lady they can share with, they can live with, they can trust and that they don’t mind paying to have around. Providing this service gets much easier after you’ve had a couple clients. Testimonials make getting work as a confinement lady much easier as well and happy clients will also send you referrals.

As a confinement lady you’ll be bathing the child, feeding it, basically taking care of most of its needs until the mother is ready to take over. In most cases you’ll also be required to prepare meals for the parents and doing random chores around the house. If you can handle all these tasks and do them tenderly then you’ll be a welcome addition to any post-natal mothers home.

Becoming a confinement lady is easy but it’s a career path that takes a lot of dedication, and it can also be hard starting out when you don’t have any referrals or testimonials yet. Whether it’s through an agency or being self employed it is a position that can be very rewarding for the right person.