How Inner Peace and Physical Space are Connected?

Peace and happiness is the supreme target of the people of this generation. Given the fast-paced lifestyle of the people, many fail to appreciate the small things in life. The same event is observed in Singapore. By having a first-world status, the economy of Singapore is at its peak as well as the medical and educational services. Surprisingly, when surveyed for the citizen’s degree of happiness, Singapore placed lower than the other first-world countries. Scholars argue that such event may have been the result of the inability of the Singaporeans to appreciate the laid back and simple way of life that their ancestors once enjoyed. To address this, interior design company singapore suggest that clearing the physical space can be a good start. Five points of connection between inner peace and the living area are discussed below to attest to this mentality.

Emotional association. The arrangement of furniture or the placement of house decorations can affect the emotions of a person. Usage of dark hues on curtains or wallpapers can generate a melancholic feeling while utilization of blue or green-coloured materials can stimulate a creative mind. Consequently, experts advise that Singaporeans must maintain a cozy and accommodating abode that will better relax their minds after a busy day at work.

Memory reminders. When people travel to tourist spots, certain furniture or scent there reminds them of their childhood memories. A swing at the park may remind a business executive of his playtime with his neighbours during his elementary days. Certainly, the arrangement of materials in a house or office can be manipulated to cater to positive and encouraging memories. A good interior designer singapore can employ a creative combination or colours and shapes to remind the inhabitants of the motivating memories they had as a child.

Moon enhancers. The lighting system of an office building or a house can enhance the mood of the tenants. Yellow or orange colours relax the mind and prepare it for rest while white lamps encourage aggressiveness at work. Hence, house and building owners must properly utilize this lighting effect to direct the people to optimism and a better mindset. When such activity is accomplished, more people will report happiness and peace of mind despite the workload and daily tasks.

De-cluttering of the mind. A clean and organized physical space results to a peaceful mind. Although scientific studies that will support this are not abundant, testimonials from top executives who occupy a simple and well-organized house and office attest to this claim. When people have a structured physical space, he or she will spend less thinking time on how to sort the mess or where to throw the trash. Instead, dwellers can better focus on the more important aspects of life.

Decision to be optimistic. Lastly, despite the status of the physical space, a person possesses sufficient courage and skills to divert his or her life towards happiness and success. While the entries mentioned above point to the importance of a clean and welcoming physical space to stimulate inner peace, it is still acknowledged that every human being has the power to direct his or her life despite the status of the surroundings. Certainly, the status of a physical space will always encourage a person to change but it is up to the person to decide if such change will be beneficial or detrimental for his or her life.