How A Company That Provides Cheap Printing Services In Singapore Helped Me Launch My Travel Agency

When I was just establishing my travel agency, I had to look for a reputable company that offers design and printing services in Singapore which can take care of my marketing materials. This could make sure that I can attract more consumers to consider hiring me for their travel needs.

Most of the time, it is very challenging to find a company that offers cheap printing services in Singapore that does not compromise the quality of the output. Sometimes, those who have incredibly low printing rates can only come up with substandard results that may only go to waste.

Since I already allocated a major bulk of my business capital on market research and finding my niche in the industry, I wanted to make sure that the limited money that I will spend on marketing will be worth every cent.

Fortunately, a friend suggested a company that offers affordable printing services in Singapore that can make marketing materials that can match my expectations without making a huge dent in my budget.

At first, I asked the printing company to do the artwork for the flyers that I want to distribute outside the office of my travel agency.

I was a bit hesitant at first because I only talked to the staff of the printing office once and I only provided them with my company logo. I also sort of rushed them to do the job, since I was only able to contact them several days before I opened my business.

But when I saw their finished products, I was amazed at the amazing output that they presented to me. They were able to make my logo pop out amidst the very colourful background. They also managed to finish the design a couple of days before the deadline.

Because I was very happy with the artworks that I asked them to do for my company, I also hired them to print my business card, our company’s letterhead, the brochures, corporate folders, as well as the huge backdrop showing some of the places that we want to endorse to our clients.

This printing service provider also has a lot of other services that could cater to all my needs. Which is why I am considering to get their expertise again to make the standees that I want to place outside our office door.

Once I begin hiring my staff, I will also ask them to create badges that will feature the names of my employees. I may also ask their team to design and print our corporate folders and desk calendars that I am planning to use as my corporate giveaways before the New Year.

Aside from the quality of their work, I would also like to commend the highly-professional staff of that publishing company. From the person who talked to me and explained the processes needed in making my materials, to the one who created the design, I can really say that the personnel of this company always have their clients in mind.

There might be other printing companies that could offer the same services in cheaper rates, but I think that I will stick to this one because of the quality of their work.