Honoring the Unsung Heroes of the Modern World

Ever since they started going to school and learned how to read, write and solve different kinds of mathematical equations, young children have been mentally conditioned, molded and influenced by their parents and teachers to aim for different kinds of lucrative careers. Because of their incessant desire to shoot for the stars, chase their loftiest dreams and push themselves way past their limits in order to become rich and famous as they live the American dream, young people want to have a lucrative, illustrious and high-paying career. And that is why they aim to be lawyers for world-renowned law firms, doctors who save countless of lives in the biggest hospitals or maybe even CEOS and captains of industry for billion-dollar corporations and international conglomerates.


But there are the unfortunate and unlucky few who have been dealt a bad hand early in life and that is why try as they might, they just do not have the necessary resources, financial capacity and support from third-parties to land a luxurious and plush career. These are the people who are stuck as blue-collar workers as they work in constructions sites mixing cement, painting walls and looking for vibratory roller for sale and other heavy machinery for their foreman. But instead of hanging their heads down in shame and feeling sorry for themselves as they wallow and dwell in self-pity, they should stiffen their upper lip and hold their heads up high because they should be proud of earning an honest day’s pay with a noble profession.


They are major parts of the backbone upon which developing nations are built because without their calloused, hardworking and tireless hands, the towering skyscrapers, massive factories as well as long and winding highways that we see today are nothing more than just wisps of smoke in a dream. Because of their dedication in looking for plate compactor for sale in competitive bidding wars as well as their dedication in using these tools on construction sites, they slowly but surely transform an otherwise desolate and empty landscape into a beautiful place where whole communities can live and thrive in peace and harmony.


And that is why the next time we see construction workers, carpenters and other blue-collar workers who are looking for vibratory plate compactor for sale, we should have the decency not to scoff at and ridicule their unkempt hairs, dirty clothes, worn-out boots and sweaty skin. These are the hardworking, devoted and resilient members of the working class who have chosen to drop their dreams and illusions of grandeur so that they can pick up the slack and power tools in order to build a better future for the next generations to come.


They are the unsung heroes of the modern world and they deserve to be treated with the same amount of respect that we give to other professionals like doctors, lawyers and the wolves of Wall Street. Without their tireless dedication to fulfill their duties and responsibilities as well as their willingness to spill copious amounts of blood, sweat and tears every single day, we would still be living in houses made of clay, sticks and stones today.