Guide on Shopping for Pre-Loved Bags

designer vintage bags

If you want to own designer bags but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on buying brand new ones, there is always an option for you to buy second hand bags. Great thing about buying second hand bags is that there are many shop nowadays where you can purchase them whether from physical pre-loved stores or online shops. Below are some tips that will guide you on shopping for bags to add to your collection.


Know where to shop

One of the effective ways to make sure that you will be happy and satisfied with the designer vintage bags you will purchase is to know where to shop. If you shop from a trusted and reputable second hand shop, you will have a peace of mind that whatever you purchase from them are in still in great condition and they will be honest about the details of the products they sell. You can also make sure that the designer bags you will buy are authentic, which is very important to be assure of because there are also shops that sells bags that are fake or knockoff versions but they say it is authentic. If you don’t want to get scammed, you should make sure that you only purchase items from a reputable shop and you take time to read reviews and learn about the shop first.


Set a budget

If you are planning to shop from a 2nd hand bag shop it is still recommended for you to set a budget especially if you are not looking for a specific bag with a specific brand and design. Although second hand bags are more inexpensive than buying brand new bags, it is still better if you won’t be overspending and still get the best deal. Setting a budget will also make your shopping faster because your choices will be narrowed down immediately to what items that will fit with your budget.


Get updated

Most second hand items especially the vintage preloved bags in Singapore is only available in one piece which means it might be hard for you to find the same item again even from other shops. it is the reason why you should  stay updated with the new arrivals of your favourite second hand bag shop. If you are shopping online, find out if there is a newsletter you can subscribe to so you will get notified whenever the shop has new items or if you want to buy from physical thrift shops, you need to visit it frequently so you can make sure that you will be the one who will purchase the items that you like.


Read reviews

Whether you are planning to buy from physical store or online shops, there are reviews and ratings that you can find about the shop. Read reviews or testimonials by the past customers and find out if they are happy and satisfied with their purchase. It is better if you purchase bags from a shop that has great reviews and high rating. If you can’t find testimonials, you can visit the social media accounts of the shop and read the comments of their past customers that share their shopping experience.