Girlfriends, Wives, Mistresses and Escorts – A Dilemma for All Men

Marriage, love, romance and business will always put a man in sticky situations. You have to make decisions regarding your love life and your professional life on a daily basis. When those two lives have to intersect, you have to make decisions that will promote your interests in both corners. This is where you have to decide what events you want to spend with your girlfriend, wife, or mistress, and what events are better suited to an escort.

If you paused on that last line and are not certain about the idea of hiring someone to be your companion for an event, give it some thought before you write it off. There are some instances in which it does make a lot of sense to work with a professional rather than suffering through the drama of an event with your girlfriend, wife, or mistress.

Here are some examples of circumstances that would bring most men to consider using escorts rather than bringing someone they are in a personal relationship with:

  • You are attending a very important business event and you need to present yourself with a very particular image. You don’t believe your girlfriend, wife, or mistress can live up to that image and you don’t want them to ruin this for you.
  • You are traveling and your loved ones just cannot leave home to attend this event with you. If you are traveling in Singapore, you can hire escorts Singapore. Most business travel destinations will have services available.
  • This event came up last minute and you don’t have time to fly in your wife, girlfriend or mistress in time to attend the event with you. An escort is always just a call away.
  • You are not in a good place with your wife, girlfriend or mistress, and you don’t believe the evening would be pleasurable with them. Why spend the time fighting with someone who is angry with you? That never makes for a good time.
  • You just need to relax and be yourself for this event. You don’t want the pressure of doting over someone you love and considering their needs as well as all other stress factors involved with this event. An escort is pressure free.

If you have never considered hiring an escort service, these situations should help you to understand why so many other men do use these services. They know that there are circumstances in which hiring someone to hang on their arm or accompany them to a special event is preferable to going with someone they are in an intimate relationship with, since there is so much baggage in an intimate relationship.

Notice that none of the above listed circumstances are centered on sex. The fact is many men hire escorts without sex in mind at all. In fact, many escort services will not even offer that type of service. The goal is simply to hire someone professional to become your companion for a given period of time. They take the stress off, allow you to be yourself and have a great time, and at the end of the night they are never giving you’re the silent treatment or complaining that you ignored them.

These decisions are so tricky, but remember that there are solutions to those personal relationships interfering with your business life!