Get Rid of the Uncomfortable Bunion

Bunions are protrusions, bulge or swelling of the joint in your big toe. This is caused by several factors including genetic factors, inappropriate footwear, arthritis and trauma. It usually starts undetected and grows slowly over the years. Sometimes it is only noticed when they already cause discomfort and pain in walking and in putting on your usual footwear. The swelling of the big toe makes walking painful and limits your choice of footwear. If this is not treated promptly, it can lead to disabling complications.

People who have bunions usually try to treat themselves on their own by using non-prescribed medications and unrecognized topical treatments. This is both expensive and of course dangerous. It is better to seek consult to a podiatrist on the proper bunion treatment available in Singapore. Podiatrists are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of various ailments of the lower extremities. Their knowledge in the anatomy and physiology of the lower extremity makes them the experts in this field. Treating different ailments conservatively and even through surgery.

The initial treatment for bunion in Singapore is conservative management. Podiatrists first have to perform a battery of tests in order to detect where the abnormality is. They will not target only the swollen part but they will also check for other causes of the disease. As a result they can also correct other ailments like gait problems and uneven weight distribution. One of the best initial conservative treatments of bunion in Singapore is the use of personal and customized prescription insoles or orthotic insoles. These insoles correct the positioning of the big toe and relieve stress to the swollen area. By correcting the cause, the bunion will not progress into a more debilitating disease .Correcting the initial cause will definitely lead to a high chance of cure.

When conservative management fails or if it does not provide any improvement, Podiatrists can also perform bunion surgery in Singapore. They also specialize in surgical treatment and removal of bunions. The usual indications for surgery are failed medical or conservative management, or if the bunions are already big enough to cause disability in walking. Podiatrists are foot specialists that is why they are the best ones to perform these procedures. They will not only perform surgery but they will also give medical advice and topical treatment after the operation. These foot specialists give holistic treatment to their patients giving medical topical treatments, prescription insoles and performing surgeries for the treatment of different diseases in the lower extremity.

People who suffer from any kind of disease usually seek consult once the disease is already advanced. When they are not able to perform activities of daily living and when the disease is already debilitating. The problem with this attitude is that sometimes a disease that can be cured easily will now need more advance treatment and surgery. The complication of an advanced disease is also more dangerous. Even a small, unnoticed bunion will pose a big effect in the overall health of an individual if this is not corrected or treated instantly.

Schedule a check-up with your podiatrist once you feel anything wrong with your foot and your whole lower extremity. Any ailments whether tolerable or not should be seen by the specialist so that debilitating complications will not arise. Have your feet checked regularly to get rid of any discomfort.