Flush Your Problems down the Drain with Kc Plumbing Services

With our fully committed plumbing services, all your problems are now down the drain. We repair and enhance your plumbing system wherever it may be, from offices, houses, hotels, hospitals, or factories. Our knowledge and experience in plumbing is guaranteed to offer you professional services like no other plumbing contractors here in Singapore (SG).

Sanitation is a critical piece in maintaining an establishment or household. Luckily, plumbing is our undeniable professional skill. With 15 years of experience, we explore every nook and cranny to make sure your plumbing system is as good as the day it was installed.

The Leading Commercial Plumbing Company

As licensed by the PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, we deal with (on a daily basis) industrial plumbing, commercial plumbing, and maintenance work. There’s not a problem too small or big for us to handle. If there’s a nasty mess with your plumbing, it’s our mess to solve now.

Client satisfaction is our top priority. Our work is professional, hassle-free, and client-friendly. The plumbing services we offer in SG are handled with utmost courtesy and respect.

The vision of the company is to invest in our growth; expand to bigger commercial and industrial plumbing roles. We’ve been the leading plumbing company in Singapore for 15 years, and we’re only growing even more.

Our scope of work gathers around industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. We recruit only the best well-trained staff in the industry. Being well-informed is our focus, as we keep up with the trends and updates in modern regulations, such as large-scale commercial or residential projects.

We repair and renovate plumbing equipment including sanitary sensors, industrial piping, chiller piping, air compressor pipes, and underground sewage.

Your Cleanliness is Our Concern

The importance of a good plumbing system is the safety hazard it avoids. We make sure your health is at utmost ease with the plumbing system within your establishment. What are the dangers bad plumbing can leave if it’s left unchecked?

  • Mold infestation – The smallest amount of mold can eventually grow into something much worse. Mold can spread infectious spores that can cause (at worst case scenarios) fungal infection, mold-induced hypersensitivity, and even mycotoxin toxicity. Plus, extreme growth of mold can expose a bad lingering smell.
  • Clogging – This common problem can prove to be a nuisance to any household, office, or establishment. Water blockage is one of the worst toilet experiences anyone can go through! The issue of clogging includes any water flow delays in sinks or unsinkable toilet flushes.
  • Bacteria-ridden water – Water is a great source of contamination if not cleansed properly. Bacteria and viruses can easily travel through water and spread throughout the plumbing system. The PUB ensures that tap water in SG is most certainly drinkable, which is why your water source must be treated with importance.

Prevention is always better than the cure. If you have any worries about your plumbing, contact us to locate any possible warning signs that may lead into bigger problems.

For any inquiry, contact us at +65 6742 5688 for more information regarding any plumbing issues.