Durable and Attractive Plastics

engineering plastics singapore

As we continue to improve and upgrade the materials we use in every industry, we face a challenge to look or the best material for the worst working environment. The search for an alternative material has led to the production of different equipment that can be both durable and attractive at the same time. Something that can withstand the test of time, withstands high temperatures and workloads, will not be altered easily, maintains its function and shape and maintains its beauty.

Looking for something durable yet light and attractive is difficult. Most materials used traditionally are metals and steel which give the durability we need. Metals and steels are durable but are heavy and hard to mold up to the minute details. It has a limited use in machines that are in contact with high temperatures. Its heavy weight is limiting its use in the market. If this does not fit the material you need, look for engineering plastics in Singapore. Look for a company that is trusted and tested in the field of manufacturing plastics. Plastics are a great material for a variety of industry in the market like automotive, industrial and even in the medical field.

Since plastics are durable, attractive and light weight, they are used in building automobiles making it durable and without compromising speed. Its use in the medical field allows protection of the health care giver and the patient from illnesses by acting as a barrier. One good thing about plastic is you can carry them with you anytime. It is portable and safe that is why it is the best material to use as containers for certain medications. It prolongs the life of the medicines without compromising its effect.

There are different types and forms of plastics, each with different intent of use. One form widely used, but surely is not noticed most of the time, is esd plastic sheet. ESD means Electrostatic Discharge Materials, which function to reduce static electricity in order to protect the materials kept in and also to contain flammable materials. They are classified either as Conductive, Anti- static or Dissipative. The classification was made based on the capacity of the plastic to suppress initial charges. It is safe because it protects the materials form burning easily and also protects the people handling the materials. It is both safe and portable.

Another material which is highly used today, especially in industrial engineering is laminated pressboard. These are materials that can with stand high temperatures that is why they are most commonly used in oil- filled high- voltage transformers. They can stand high temperatures while maintain their shape and durability. Since it is laminated, it can come in sheets but its texture and weight is similar to wood. It is also durable because of its hardness and stiffness. Its durability makes it hard to shrink and difficult to compress, maintain its function for a long period of time. It is mainly used ion high voltage- transformers because of its ability to withstand high temperatures while maintain its shape and contour.

If you are looking for a durable, light weight and attractive material to use in your field, consider plastic engineering. There are trusted brands in the market that specializes in the manufacture of different types of plastics which would fulfill what you want. It has a wide use in the industry, in the medical field and in the automotive industry.