Cuts That Make The Best Affordable Steak in Singapore

best affordable steak in singapore

For meat lovers in Singapore, there are a lot of restaurants to choose from. The ever present best steak restaurants in Singapore will never be out of the choices. They’re not only the best but they’re also one of the best family restaurants found in Singapore. These steakhouses offer the best tasting affordable steaks in Singapore. These restaurants utilize their extensive knowledge on steaks and how to give their hungry customers the meal they deserve to satisfy the needs of the public. They know the different cuts of steak that anyone can enjoy. They’re the best when it comes to dishing out steaks for everybody.

For their customers, ordering might become very hard at one point. They sometimes get overwhelmed at what to choose for all their available choices are exquisite and fulfilling that they don’t know what they really want. Well, this list will enlighten those customers to the different cuts of steaks. These cuts give unique meat experiences that could make anyone forget they’re eating the same kind of meat just because of the difference of experience they feel. These cuts have special properties and when carefully prepared, it will give the soul the joy it never felt. Here are some cuts that customers might want to consider in order for them to choose more easily.  

Filet Mignon

This part of the cow does barely any kind of work meaning that it’s perfectly soft and has this buttery feel to it. For those who want their knife to just slide in the steak and is too hungry to chew, this cut is something you might want to consider. Plus, it’s perfect for those who are on a diet but wants to taste sweet sweet steak.

Rib eye

This cut can either be served boneless or with the bone, either way it’s still wonderful. Ordering it with the bone makes the steak more fulfilling as it gives more steak experience as you chew on the juicy meat. It also gives the beefy flavour that would make anyone jump with joy. Chewy and beefy; Perfection.


This cut is like a New York Style to it and the meat is separated by a T-shaped bone hence the nickname. This could be a challenge to prepare but will give you beefy happiness.


This cut is taken from the cow’s belly. It is also quite expensive but this will leave you the savory and tender experience that you crave for.


This cut is from the hardworking muscles of the cow making it hard to chew, especially when it is prepared improperly but once it’s done medium rare style, it is perfect for a summer buffet.

New York Strip

This cut is like in the middle of the Filet and the Rib eye, making it the jack-of-all-trades of the steak cuts. It’s a little less expensive making it affordable for anyone who craves for steak and satisfies the desire for steak.


This is savory and succulent just like the rib eye, but this one is cheaper. No more words needed to explain why this cut is one of the best.

Here are some of the cuts for steak that anyone can choose based on their cravings. Go and head out to the nearest steakhouse and try these cuts for yourself.