Cure Your Flat Feet With These Simple Exercises

flat foot treatment

Do you know anyone who has flat feet? Its cause can either be a result of foot mistreatment or its hereditary. It is caused by wearing footwear with no arch support; by wearing high-heeled shoes; or by weakened leg muscles due to injury. But fallen arches can be cured with simple foot exercises and stretching. In this article, you’ll find some information that describes such flat feet activities that will help one person have that arch shaped feet.

Exercises That Work for Flat Feet Individuals

1. Choose to wear footwear that has arch support. This is a known effective exercise to treat flat feet. And keep in mind to avoid wearing high heels for too long hours, especially if you are actively walking around with it.

2. On the floor, sit with your knees bent and your hands in the back for added support. Then, separate the foot from the floor while keeping your heel on the floor. Cramp the toes and maintain the said position for around 15 seconds.

3. Sit on the floor and put your feet flat on the floor. Lift the left side of your feet’s toes and foot, not including the heel. For around 10 to 15 seconds, hold the said position and then do the same with the right feet. Repeat the flat foot treatment instruction for five times.

4. Sit straight with your legs touching the floor, then lift the right of your feet and touch your left feet’s last toe finger. If you’re someone who really wants to build an arch, this exercise is an effective stretching.

5. According to a podiatrist in Singapore, another good physical activity is to spread the feet and join the heels’ soles while holding the feet just above the ankles. You can also try to spread your toes much further till that part feel the stretch. You can create a curve by cramping the feet and by letting the toe reach the flat floor.

6. As you rest the one foot, try lifting the left upper foot onto it. The position is similar to foot over a foot or criss-cross foot position. On the other foot, rest the middle of the other foot and a little pressure must be exerted. For a minute, hold it and then repeat using the right foot.

7. Place the heels of your foot on hand or tennis balls as the big toes touching the floor. To balance the weight of the body, hold an object or a rod. As you put your body weight on the right heel, do a breath in breath out activity. Then, shift the pressure from the other side to the left. Once two or three minutes have passed, shift the ball towards the front foot, as the heel touches the floor. Repeat the procedure. During this flat feet exercise, then breath in and out because it encourages relaxation and stretching of the leg and feet muscles, as often practiced at podiatry in Singapore.

Based on a study from Bukit Timah podiatry, to cure flat feet, the above mentioned flat feet exercises must be used. In addition, avoid wearing high heels for a continuous stretch and don’t forget to wear tight footwear with an arch support.