Crossfit Training and Workout

Need a new workout regimen? Are you bored of simply going to the gym and making rounds on the elliptical or treadmill? Perhaps it’s time to find something a bit more challenging and fun so that working out gives you more motivation. There are so many options available to health seekers now–yoga, pilates, strength training at the like. However, one of the most popular workouts as of late is the crossfit training program.

Crossfit workouts are considered strength and core workouts. Crossfit aims to mix up the usual exercise routine by incorporating moves that will have a benefit in the person’s daily life. It was conceived by combining key principles from various workouts and training from different disciplines.

Crossfit classes are usually conducted every day, with rest days in between. They are done in a crossfit gym, a special space specifically designed for the crossfit students. A Crossfit training program is characterized by WODs or ‘Workouts of the Day.’ They are different each day, varying in intensity level. The only aim of the program is you complete the WOD at your best pace without sacrificing form. In a Crossfit gym, you will find many varied kinds of equipment in the space:  barbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars, and gymnastic rings scattered around the room. No fancy dumbbell racks, no mirrors, no television sets.

Training gyms for Crossfit are called boxes because they believe that the space is just right for this training program. Crossfit is built around functional movements, and consist of strength and balance exercises all with the aim of improving daily activity. Crossfit pushes for overall strength rather than just strength that can be felt at the gym.

No matter the background or fitness level, Crossfit eventually fosters a community that supports each other in order to reach fitness goals. In Crossfit, intensity also matters. It is normal to do a number of push-ups, lunges and sit-ups only to find oneself more winded than after running a race. The gradual increase in intensity increases endurance. Some people also believe that because of the varied types of WODs, there is a lesser chance of the body experiencing a plateau or getting used to any one exercise.

So with this in mind, it really doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie to the whole fitness thing. As long as you are dedicated and are willing to put in the effort required by your WODs, you will see results in the form of a stronger, leaner, more alert you. Of course, it also helps if you follow a good diet regimen and sleep enough each night.