Complete Hotel Amenities Checklist

Singapore is now one of the top destinations in Asia both for business and leisure trips. And why not, what the nation lacks in geographical abundance, it makes up for a rich mix of well-landscaped modern and cultural structures. A number of hotels in Singapore are no exception from these unique buildings. But aside from the impressive architecture, travelers must keep a keen eye on the amenities that the hotel can offer before booking into it:

Extra luggage storage. Face the reality, not all people can travel light, especially women. A hotel, then, must provide a dedicated area inside the room for extra luggage. Otherwise, rooms with female guests are often decorated with large bags lined up below the bed.

Child safety feature. For families who travel together, it would be comforting to know that your hotel acknowledges the safety that must be given to their young guests. Child safety features may include outlet covers and latches and even CCTV devices

A refrigerator with the essentials. Waking up in the middle of the night but lazy to call the room service, if you found yourself in the same situation during a travel, a room refrigerator with the essential drinks, some fruits and dairy products would be a life-saver. Great boutique hotels even acknowledge the need to satisfy a midnight sugar rush, thus, they pack room refrigerators with favorite brands of chocolates and ice creams.

Cozy bathroom. The best boutique hotel offers a clean, fragrant and well-lighted bathroom. This may come in average size as long as the need for a comfortable and relaxing morning and night bath is met.

Technology. Though you are on a trip, your boss or family member may still request for an emergency e-mail or follow up. A wifi-ready hotel is therefore a must. If it would be possible, rooms with LAN settings can also be of great use for supervisors on a business travel so they can accomplish a virtual meeting with no connection hassle.

Fitness centers. The idea of a hotel as a place solely for sleeping during travel is as ancient as a fossil could be. The trend in the boutique luxury hotel industry today allows visitors to observe their exercise routines even on vacation. These hotels provide guests with state-of-the-art gym equipments and fitness trainers to let them know that being on trip is not an excuse to skip a healthy lifestyle.

Dining. The importance of food during a trip needs no stressing. After a day of roaming Singapore’s busy districts, it would be very nice to retire to a meal which can help you forget the body ache that you feel and just indulge the present moment.

These are just some of the top amenities inside and outside a hotel room. The list can go on and on but a guest’s primary priority should be comfort and safety away from home. The same idea must be embodied by an effective accommodation.