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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Skincare Products Online

Buying skincare products is not easy as it seems. You can’t just purchase any product just because of its packaging or just because many people are using it. There are other factors that you need to consider before buying. Although there are plenty of in-stores where you can buy products, it is recommended for you

Our Skin: Moody as the Weather Here

We only have two climates in Singapore, the wet and dry season. Today, we deal with frigid temperatures and rain; tomorrow we brave the sun’s scorching heat. If our lifestyle cannot somehow keep up with the changing humidity and temperature, how much more our skin! That might actually be the reason why our skin is

The Secret Behind Celebrities’ Youthful Skin

Being a celebrity may seem easy. A celebrity will just attend an event. Wave for the camera and smile. All that and the celebrity will earn a hefty amount of cash. It is an easy living or so they say. But that certainly is not the case. Celebrities or, more specifically, the celebrity culture thrive