Calibration Services in Singapore

Are you an owner of precision measurement tools? Do you use them every day in some way? If so, when was the last time you had these precision tools calibrated? Dimensional instruments require ongoing calibration to insure accuracy, even on tools like a tape measure that seem like they should never really go out of calibration. If you’re unsure of how to calibrate your precision tools, that’s ok! With calibration services in Singapore, you can quickly have your tools calibrated for a fair, competitive price.


The National Metrology Centre Can Take Care of All Your Needs

With expertise in optical, mechanical, and electrical metrology tools, the National Metrology Centre is the national measurement authority in Malaysia. They are a signatory on the global agreements regarding equal weights and measures and their logo, when verifying a calibration, indicates that a quality job has been completed.

The NMC utilizes a quality system based on ISO/IEC 17025 that conforms to the international standards that have been agreed upon. Currently certified in over 340 different calibration and measurement techniques, any precision measuring tools submitted to the NMC can be verified as accurate in about 2 weeks for those in Singapore.


What About Private Metrology Calibration Centres?

There are several other calibration centres that are privately owned throughout Singapore. Many of them are also able to properly calibrate your dimensional instruments so that they can provide an accurate measurement. These private businesses must also utilize quality systems that are based on international standards and be currently certified in the calibration and/or measurement technique that is required for your tool.

One of the easiest ways to verify whether or not a business you are thinking about patronizing holds the proper certificates is to check their status online. For Micro Precision, as an example, you can simply access their webpage to be able to see the full list of their accreditations and certificates. You can even access the specific PDF document as further proof of their ability to precisely calibrate your tools. If you cannot access this information, then the quality standards that should be followed for your precision measurement tools may not actually be followed.

That could lead to inaccurate work!


Always Verify the Information Given To You

It is up to you to verify the quality of calibration that a business in Singapore can provide for you. It may be tempting to access a business that offers a low, affordable price, but price in the calibration business often equates to quality. You’ll often get exactly what you pay to get. For that reason, it is imperative to independently verify the information you receive from those providing calibration services.

You cannot create accurate work if you have inaccurate metrology tools. Use this advice to determine where in Singapore you can have your precision measurement tools calibrated so that you can get your work done on time!