Bitcoin Keno: Background, Gameplay, Strategy

Singapore and other countries in Southeast Asia view gambling or casino as a way to boost tourism. Same thing can also be said to online casinos who want to establish their brand and build a name for themselves. One of the most popular ways these casinos promote themselves is through Bitcoin keno, a revolutionary casino game that grants exciting payouts.

What is Keno?

Keno is a game that is extremely similar to lottery. In fact, most physical lottery offer Keno as one of their variants. It is believed that the game originated in Chinese gambling dens, and some even report that the game saved an ancient city under war. It also helped raise funds to build the Great Wall of China.

Many variants of keno emerged after it became popular. Bitcoin online keno is now considered as one of the simplest casino games online since it can be played faster than the lottery. It is perfect for anyone who likes guessing games and games of chance.

How To Play Keno?

You’ll start playing Keno by picking your wager amount and increasing or decreasing the coin size stipulated in the game. After you settled that, you may now select your lucky winning numbers, just like in lottery. However, the average number on online keno board only contains 80 numbers. Depending on your existing or customized Bitcoin keno strategy, you can start selecting numbers from 1 to 15, or you can randomly choose until 80.

All your selected lucky numbers will be highlighted in blue on the keno board. Once you’ve finished finalizing your stage and keno numbers, click the play button or any button that will trigger the game. The virtual keno machine will then start shooting out twenty numbered balls. These balls will be the winning keno numbers, and all of them will be chosen using the Random Number Generation (RNG) system. If the winning numbers matches some or all of your selections, it’s called a “hit”. All your hits will be highlighted in red on the keno board. If you’re satisfied with your hits or you got multiple hits higher than 50%, you earn a profit.

How To Win At Keno?

You’ll only win at Bitcoin online keno if you have effective strategies and if luck is on your side. It will also depend on how many hits you can achieve. If you only select one number and it’s a hit, that is usually 3 coins (this depends on the coin size you’ve picked before the game). The size of your payout will decrease or increase as the hits increase.