Bitcoin Dice: History, Gameplay, And Strategies

When it comes to the Asian gambling market, one can say that its portfolio includes all the most exciting casino games every gambler has come to love. But these games, whether invented or popularized by Asia, have become more modern and revolutionary. One good example is the emergence of Bitcoin dice. Let’s get to know this new variant here.

Emergence of Bitcoin and Online Dice

Bitcoin online dice games was first invented by one of the first Bitcoin casinos online, SatoshiDICE. This dice game has features of different combinations as compared to the six numbers featured on a regular dice game. Most importantly, these games have a low house edge. They are usually given at around 1-2%. These are major factors that drew attention to Bitcoin betting, which then gave birth to Bitcoin casino gaming sites.

How To Play Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin online dice can easily be learned in minutes. First, you have to choose your desired number from the range. The numbers can go from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. Remember that not all dice games follow the same range, so find one that suits your preference before you start betting.

After securing your lucky number, it’s time to place your bet. Choose the amount of bet you want to wager for the round, take note of the minimum and maximum limits. Seal your bet and choose whether the round would go for “Roll Hi” or “Roll Lo”. If you think the result of the dice is higher than the chance or the lucky number you selected, choose “Roll Hi”. On the other hand, if you think that the corresponding result will go lower than your lucky number, choose “Roll Lo”.

The next step is the most excruciating part of playing Bitcoin dice game: waiting for the result. The dice will be rolled to reveal the lucky number. If you successfully guessed the result, your winnings will go straight to your Bitcoin wallet.

Advantage of Playing Bitcoin Dice

The world finally saw the potential of Bitcoin when used in online casino games, thanks to the brilliant mind of Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of the said coin. Now, Bitcoin Dice is considered by many as one of the easiest games to play, particularly in the list of “games of chance”. Dice powered by Bitcoin features provably fair systems, Random Number Generation (RNG) systems, anonymous gambling, low house edges, and generous bonuses and promotions.