7 Ways to Totally Redesign Your Home

Want to come home to something different? Here are 7 ways you could do that:

1. Rearrange everything.

Sometimes the simplest plans are the most effective. Why don’t you start by rearranging the furniture in your home? Sometimes a misplaced table or chair can take up too much space. The key is finding out which locations work best. Does it mean taking out a cabinet? Or moving the sofa or that mirror to the left instead of the right?

2. Recycle old things.

Not using your old luggage bag anymore? Turn it into a decorative piece. If it’s sturdy and big enough, you could dress it up and turn it into a table or a handy chest with decent storage space. Not using that scarf anymore? Wrap it around a lamp head and you have an instant light diffuser, to soften the glare of the light.

3. Buy outdoor furniture.

Outdoor wicker furniture is a wonderful choice, especially if you’re tired of chrome and leather seats that make you sweat. New outdoor furniture really adds to the feel of a newly-redesigned home aside from being more comfortable to relax in.

4. Paint the walls a different color.

Sometimes, it’s all in the walls. Maybe you’ve been living with paisley white all these years. A change in color would do you good. Warm tones or cool tones, whichever ones you choose, make sure you can live with those colors for many, many years.

5. Tear down walls. Make bigger spaces.

Then again, maybe it is in the walls. Think your kitchen and dining area is too closed off? Want to see more space? Then consider tearing down a wall or two. Make sure to hire a professional for this if you’re not sure how to do this safely and efficiently.

6. Put in a new floor.

So you have marble floors and want to replace that with wood or shiny tiles in jewel tones. You could also consider adding a few inches to the floor, basically raising your home’s base level. Remember not to go too high or the switches and windows will turn out too low. You’ll also have to buy a new door.

7. Redo the kitchen.

You could replace your wooden counter with a sleek granite counter. Or redo the cabinets, or put in new knobs. Or paint the cabinets a different color. These all go a long way to giving you a new and improved look for your kitchen space.