7 Tips for Your Singapore DIY Food Trip

It’s your first time in the country and apart from nasilemak and kopi roti, you absolutely have no idea how to go about a DIY food trip in Singapore. However, you don’t want to let that stop you from taking on that culinary adventure you’ve set your heart on. Here are a few tips, then, to help you along:

  • Ask for recommendations and suggestions.

Chances are, someone you know has already been to the country. Great news if its someone close to you since a friend would know you and your preferences, and would be able to tell you which places you’d like and which ones you should steer away from.

A Singapore food blog is often one of the quickest ways to find the best places to go to around the city. From information on prices, meals to décor and wait staff efficiency, you’d be surprised on how much help is available online.

  • Watch Singapore food shows.

Want to see more? Just catch some food shows and you’ll get a quick idea on what Singapore has to offer, food-wise.

  • Read travel magazine tips.

Travel magazine tips often give you up-to-date information on local and tourist favorites. If you want to know what’s in at the moment before you go on your food trip, then make sure to get your hands on the latest travel magazines about Singapore.

  • A local guide book helps too.

A trusty guide book is a must. It has everything you need, from food to culture to shopping deets. So you not only know which four or five-star restaurant to visit, you also have a pretty good idea on how to get there, whether by bus, taxi or simply by walking.

  • Ask the locals.

This is a good option if you know some locals. If you don’t, just strike up a friendly conversation and see where it leads you. Often, locals are ready to hand out pretty great advice on where to eat on the cheap or go to get the best plate of chicken rice this side of town.

  • Just try anything.

Sometimes, local fare can seem pretty exotic or different from what you’re used to. However, that’s part of the fun. So do yourself and your pals a favor. Go around without a plan and when you see something you want to try, then try it. While knowing which food or restaurants to pick helps, eating something entirely on a whim is also wonderful fun.