6 Ways How You Can Make The Most Out Of Fairytales For Your Child

Child psychologists and scientists in Singapore have engaged on a heated debate regarding the effects of reading fairytales to young children. These schools of thought argue that fairytales may result to unrealistic thought patterns to the children as their view of the world is hinged on the easiness and overly lax way of life of fairytale characters. On the other hand, psychologists suggest that reading fairytales will hasten brain development of the child. In view of these, six steps on getting the best effects from fairytale reading are provided in this article.

Know the intellectual benefits of reading. Parents as well as teachers of good primary school in singapore must first be aware of the positive effects of reading fairytales to children. While the negative effects of fairytales to children may really exist, reading in general is always a beneficial practice for children since this will help enhance their imaginative capacities, improve their vocabulary and advance their verbal communication.

Reading can improve parent-child relationship. The relationship of children with their parents can best be created during the formative years of the students. At this point of their life, young students of regular or international schools in singapore need the help of their parents to understand the academic subjects and practical lessons in life. Consequently, parents who read for their children before bedtime can improve their bond with their children.

Read the books by yourself first. Parents must read the books first by themselves prior to reading it to their children. This must be done in order for the parent to prepare himself or herself from the questions that will be thrown to them by their children. Also, parents will better deliver the story to their children if they have read the book from start to end.

Select the kind of story for your child. There are different kinds of fairytales that parents can read to their children. The original versions of fairytales offer controversial concepts on death and suffering while the more modern versions circle on the need of a lady to be saved by a prince. Choosing the appropriate story for their children is the task of the parent. He or she must focus on the positive lessons of the fairytale and explain the controversial topics of the story to their children.

Deliver with enthusiasm. While reading the fairytale to their children, parents must be enthusiastic and lively in delivering the lines of the characters. This will better retain the interest of the child.

Be ready for questions and answer them gracefully. A parent can say that he or she has successfully stimulated the mind of the child during fairytale reading if this child will ask questions about the story. Also, the parent must be ready to answer these queries, provide innovative solutions and offer follow-up lessons to the child.

Fairytales can be very beneficial to young children provided that the six steps mentioned in this article will be implemented. It is actually up to the parents to implement sufficient precautionary measures in order to protect their child from the unwanted effects of fairytales.