5 Unusual Corporate Gifts Ideas

When you work for a business or own yours, chances are you meet a lot of people in your dealings, whether they are clients, partners, stockholders and the like. Whatever industry you are in, it takes a huge network of people to keep a business thriving and successful, and it’s always a good idea to show your appreciation for them–like with a thank you gift.

It is not uncommon to receive special tokens from clients or business partners. They may be thank you gifts for attending an event, or even simple tokens of gratitude for being a valued partner in the industry. The point of corporate gifts giving is twofold: to say thank you, and to make people remember you.

Remember, a corporate gift holds the identity of the company you are affiliated with, so it’s good to put thought into it. There are many websites online that will offer creative suggestions for personalized gifts, or you can put one of your own if your company produces items appropriate for gift-giving. Stumped for ideas on what to give as corporate gifts? Here are some ideas.


1) Leather wallets- Reserve this for the most senior CEOs or stockholders of your company. A leather wallet or any leather item for that matter, is more than the usual desk organizer giveaway so it shows you value the recipient. Choose a classy design that is timeless, and veer away from too-obnoxious embossing or stamping. A small card with the company name inside should suffice.

2) Sports accessories- Who doesn’t love getting sports stuff? Towels, water bottles, wrist bands–you name it, they are extremely useful for recipients, even if they are not fitness buffs. These can even be personalized with your company name.

3) Food- Feed a company for a day and they will remember you as the generous soul that bought them a free lunch. Food is more appropriate for employees of a company; you can give them personalized grocery hampers, catered lunch, or even cakes and pastries.

4) Donation to a charitable institution- This is one of the best corporate gifts to give. It shows your company has a sense of corporate responsibility. You can make a donation in behalf of the recipient’s name or company, and give them a card which shows that you made the donation. The best part about this gift is that more than cluttering up someone’s home with stuff they may not use, you helped someone in need too!

5) Your own products- Nothing shows confidence in your company better than giving away your own products. You don’t even have to think about branding! If it is appropriate, consider gifting your products or vouchers for services at your company.