5 Tips to Finding a Reliable Granite Supplier in Singapore

Granite and marble are both great materials for construction. They’re attractive, durable, and long-lasting. But since they can be costly, investing in these natural stones require research and careful planning. After all, you want to be sure you’re making the most out of your investment.

Much of the work goes to finding a reliable supplier and installer in your area. With a great partner, you can be confident that the materials you’re ordering are of the highest quality, that the rates you’re provided are fair, and that the installation is done properly.

Here are tips to narrowing down your list of marble and granite suppliers in Singapore and finding the right one.

  1. Verify if they perform the fabrication and installation, themselves. It’s more convenient to hire a full-service company than work with separate teams. You can also save more time and money as you only need to deal with a single contractor. That said, ask the company if they do the fabrication and also install the materials on their own. This will also give you confidence that the company is fully equipped and experienced for the job. They have their own people, all trained and professionals, to provide custom work for you.
  1. Find out how long the company has been in the industry. Tenure in the industry speaks a lot about a company. The natural stone industry is highly competitive. If the company has been around for over the decade, this means they have also established their reputation already. They have already built a solid client base and are continuing to grow it. Chances are someone within your circle is also familiar with the company. So, when in doubt, go hire the industry pioneers.
  1. Request references. When you’re having a bad toothache, you don’t go to someone who just learned a thing or two about dentistry, online. You’ll go to a dental office and consult a registered dentist. The same goes when you’re looking for a marble supplier in Singapore. You’ll want to check whether they’re experienced for the job. Request references so you can also evaluate the workmanship of the team. Should you see familiar establishments on their list, that’s a good sign the company can be trusted. After all, it’s the big companies hiring them for their large-scale construction projects. There’s no reason they won’t be capable of handling your project.
  1. Compare quotes. An established granite supplier in Singapore will be able to provide customers with competitive prices for their products and services. Request quotes from multiple companies so you can also determine the average price for your building or construction project. This way, you’ll identify which is charging too little or too much. And you can as well prepare the necessary budget.
  1. Check out their industry affiliations. Find out which organizations the company is affiliated with. Establishing connections with recognized institutions is one sign that the company is sincere in what they do. That they’re confident of the products and services they provide and they seek for continuous improvement.

If you’re eager to see results for your construction or building project, take your time finding a natural stone supplier and installer in Singapore. The quality of materials is as crucial as the manpower you’re choosing for the job.  With a reliable contractor, you can rest easy knowing your investment is in good hands.