5 Reasons to Attend International Preschool Singapore

international preschool in singapore

To help newly married couples or parents choose the best international preschools in Singapore, we have listed the top five reasons why it would be their best decision to enrol their kids in an international school.

  1. These schools can accommodate students of different nationalities. Parents who need to transfer to another country because of work enrol their kids to an international school because they have programs that specialize and cater to foreign students. They specialise in creating activities and program that follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. These programs expose the children to different practices and tradition of various culture while mirroring their own culture and practices as well. The transition from one country to another will not have a drastic effect on the child’s performance because of this program.
  2. A preschool in Singapore uses English and the mother tongue as its mode of teaching. The English language is used as a method of teaching because it can be understood by almost everyone. International schools offer special classes using the mother tongue because it is very important to learn their own dialect. Speaking two dialects can be advantageous whether in school, work, or travel abroad. However, there are also international schools which focus on a single nationality only, such as British, German, or French schools. These are called immersion schools, which help prepare a child to be accustomed to the country.
  3. Graduating from an international preschool in Singapore gives excellent opportunities to its alumni. Since these schools follow the IB curriculum, it is expected that they have a competitive environment. They usually focus in advanced subjects in Sciences and Mathematics even at the Primary Years Program (PYP). This program is divided into nursery, K1-Kindergarten 1, and Kindergarten 2. They made it as such because they believe that the readiness of the children to enter grade school depends on his/her formative years in primary school.
  4. The standards of the International Association of School Libraries (IASL) are met and used. Preschools in Singapore, especially the international ones follow the standards of the IASL which include an international accreditation, international curriculum, bilingual language instruction, non-selective student enrolment, moving population, and the transferability of students.
  5. The learning strategy in an international school is very empowering. Compared to local schools, the classes in an international school are smaller because they believe that smaller classes ensure that the teachers are able to focus on each and every child’s needs. They measure their students’ learning using various testing methods. They also believe that test scores alone do not measure the holistic capability of an individual. Most parents who came from other countries are afraid to enrol their kids in local schools because of the stories of bullying. International school administrators make it appoint to address this issue because they promote an environment where respect of different nationalities and culture are being fostered.

Choosing the best international preschool Singapore is very important because your child is like a plant that needs proper cultivation in order to grow as an individual. A quality preschool education is important because it is a stepping stone for a much bigger role in their life.