5 Established and Emerging Businesses on Sin Ming District

The Sin Ming district is a well-known are in Singapore. It is strategically positioned between the Bishan Park and the MacRitchie Nature Reserve. Given the lush green location yet commercial features of the small district, it is ideal for business and residential properties. Consequently, this article reveals the five established and emerging business type in the area.

Funeral services. Being located between two parks has its perks. Fresh air and the general aura of calmness make the district favorable for this post-mortem business. A proof for this is the establishment of a prominent sin ming casket company in the 1960s. This respected funeral business offers meticulous culture-sensitive and religion-based services. Various families of former clients will attest to the excellent care provided by this company to the deceased members of the community.

Housing. The presence of funeral singapore business in the Sin Ming drive has not hindered the emergence of various housing offerings to both the Singaporean locals and the expats. Low-cost condominiums in high-rise buildings particularly flank the streets of this area. At the same time, townhouses and apartments are also found around the district. These can be availed for permanent residency or temporary rental terms depending on the needs of the person.

Automobile. This industry is one of the most prolific businesses in Sin Ming. In fact, the Land and Transportation Authority (LTA) have a car licensing and transit regularization office here in order to better manage the number of vehicle companies. Taxi services occupy a big portion of this automobile industry. These include the ComfortDelGro Company and the Comfort Taxi. Repairs and car accessories centers are also seen in the district and these include the Vicom Vehicle Inspection Centre, Independent Damage Assessment Centre and Sin Ming Autocare.

Restaurants. Various types of food houses occupy the outskirts of the district. Catering to the expats, restaurants focusing on Thai dish, Filipino cuisine, Indonesian food, Vietnamese recipes and Chinese noodles serve the diverse population. Seafood restaurants are also popular in the area. Packages and buffet promos are the common marketing schemes of the food branches to attract additional customers. Additionally, diet and all-natural restaurants are recently achieving public acclaim due to the increasing awareness for healthy yet tasty food options.

Cafes. Coffee houses are a growing trend in the district. These establishments offer brewed and sweetened drinks in hot and cold servings. Along with these, cakes, pastries and other related desserts are made available to satisfy a customer’s sweet tooth. The support for this business type happens due to the fondness of Singaporeans for friendly rendezvous and business meetings over a cup of their favorite coffee or hot chocolate.

Now that the business opportunities in Sin Ming district are given, one can consider his or her options in this progressive area in Singapore.