4 Ways to Surprise Her with Flowers

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Flowers are the perfect present for your special someone, regardless the occasion or even without an occasion to celebrate. Some shy away from sending flowers thinking the gesture might not be appreciated.

Believe it or not, whether a person is fond of flowers is not the question. It’s the thought that will always count. If anything, it’s way harder to find a material gift as the selection can be intimidating.

If you’re not the type who loves hanging around in malls or shopping centres, the process itself can even be stressful.

To help you make your flower gift extra memorable, here are some tips.


  1. Go for preserved flowers. Preserved flowers in a box are a popular choice among Manila gift-shoppers. Since the blooms are preserved, the receiver can keep them for as long as they want. You also make the most of your purchase as you see it displayed or enjoyed for a long period. Let the flowers serve as a symbol of your everlasting love or gratitude. Don’t forget to include a handwritten note. Your message does not have to be lengthy. Even simple, everyday greetings can light up a person’s day if you personally penned your message.
  1. Include sweets or stuffed toys. If you know the recipient as someone with a sweet tooth or fondness for stuffed toys, then you might want to include those in your package. Look for a flower shop that offers gift packages. Instead of shopping for a separate gift, you can have all presents delivered to them at once. You only will have to pay a single price and you also won’t have to worry about gift wrapping. Rest assured the packaging alone will already make an impact.
  1. Place an order to be delivered the same day. Sometimes, it’s the gift that you least expect that is remembered the most.  If your partner or someone close to you is having a rough day, you might want to make them feel a little better by surprising them with flowers as they come back home.  Flower shops offer delivery services to be fulfilled same day for Manila customers. You can be with the recipient all day without them having a clue that a surprise awaits them before their day ends.
  1. Request a florist to include her favorite blooms. Let the receiver know that you truly care about them by remembering the things that matter to them. Contact the flower shop and ask if they customize flower packages. A florist can work on your bouquet and include the recipient’s favorite blooms. If you have a message that you can’t express in person, let your flower gifts do the talking. Flowers are not only wonderful to look at, they can also be effective conveyors of feelings.


Before deciding where to buy flowers in Manila, look around first for discount offers. Check available packages and see which ones can be purchased for less than their original price.  Sending flower gifts to someone can be all they need to feel better again. And you won’t know that unless you go and finally place that order.