4 Signages You Should Pay Attention To

Road signs, street signs, even banner signs, are all part of the daily load of information we take in, and deal with. We go to school or to work and we all have things to process on the way, lessons or files we need to review or study.

And sometimes, seeing the same sign, the same font and colors and sentences, we tend to forget to pay attention, to read, to simply mind the signs just because they’re there.

That kind of inattentiveness could be dangerous, though. Signages, after all, are often there not just to display the name of a street. Often, some signages serve as a warning, one you should heed if you don’t want to end up in trouble. Here are a few types

1. Constructionsignages

If you often find yourself walking through an area where there are plenty of construction signages that say “Beware, construction ongoing,” take that advice to heart. Be mindful of your surroundings. Don’t just blithely go on your way, with your iPod blasting loud music in your ears as you walk through that danger zone. If you really have to walk through that path, turn your iPod off and be on the lookout for falling debris. It’s not paranoia. You just want to be safe rather than sorry.

2. Rerouting Signages

Yes, car rerouting signages. Why? Suppose you walk home every night. It’s a safe village, a safe city. You have nothing to worry about. So you listen to music and walk home, not heeding the rerouting signages posted in the streets. Next thing you know, there’s a big car coming towards you and you barely have enough time to throw yourself to the sidewalk—and all because you didn’t read the signs around you.

3. Pet Warning Signages

So you want to come over to your friend’s house. Watch some movies, eat some popcorn and ice cream. It’s a great way to spend the afternoon. You’re so excited you barely even glance at the “beware of dog” sign on their gate. The minute your friend opens the door, you rush inside—straight into a room with five large Labradors breathing aggressively and barking at you as if you were the next Anti-Christ. Good if your friend gets there in time to call the dogs off. But what if that doesn’t happen? You don’t want to get yourself bitten, all because you ignored the warning sign on the gate, do you?

4. Wet Paint or Wet Floor Signages

You’ve probably suffered through either of these before: sitting down on the bench when the paint was wet or slipping on a wet floor. However, it wouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to read the signs and save yourself the trouble of having to cope with a wet paint on your clothes or slipping down and hurting yourself.

Don’t let any of these happen to you. Read and pay attention to the signs around you. There is, after all, a reason why sign makers Singapore render those signs as colorful and bold as they do. So be mindful, wherever you are. Believe that selft-awareness pays. You’ll be all the better—safer—for it.