10 Best Indian Food Treats in Singapore

Spices had already conquered Merlion. With its distinct taste, ingredients, and texture, it leaves a mark to every part of the world. No wonder why Singaporeans’ heart were captivated. Here are some best Indian food found here in Singapore.

1. Curry
Savor the different kick of spices together with a touch of coconut milk that burst into your mouth upon eating the most usual Indian traditional dish. It is available with variance to choose from: chicken, meat or veggies.

2. Roti Prata
Enjoy your breakfast or dinner with this crispy-licious treat! Commonly served with sugar and curry. It also topped with different variations like eggs, cheese, chocolate, fruits and even ice cream.

3. The Tarik
Feel the nature’s delight with this relaxing beverage. The Tarik is also known as “pulled tea” because of its way of preparation. Indian tea-makers transfer the hot milk tea back and forth into two different containers until it is foamy and frosty. One the tea is mixed, it is poured as high as possible into a glass. It is good to combine with roti prata.

You can also select from its variety flavors: Teh-C (tea with unsweetened milk), Teh-O (without milk), Teh-halia (made up of ginger), and Cham (combination of tea and coffee).

4. Murtabak
Try this very huge folded pancake that fits your big appetite. Its dough is similar to roti prata, but it is fully loaded with minced mutton along with garlic, onion, and egg. It is eaten together with curry or gravy, tomato sauce and cucumbers.

This food gains a reputation as a “street food” which is really suitable for your budget since it is inexpensive to buy.

5. Papadum
Complete your meal with this thin, healthy and tasty snack. It is made from fresh lentils, chickpea, urad flour (black gram) or rice flour. Traditionally, Papadum is shaped circularly and dried under the sun.

6. Tandoori
Get addicted with the taste of this dish. It might be salty, spicy, pungent, aromatic, but the taste would be pleasant and agreeable. It is marinated with yoghurt, and seasoned with ginger, garlic, cumin, cayenne pepper, and garam masala. It is also suited for those who love spicy cuisine.

7. Indian Rojak
Who is not familiar with this meal? Indulge with the Indian version of Rojak tossed in peanut sauce and gives a fiery spiciness. It can be modified in accordance to your desired ingredients which gives you more freedom for you food. Yes! Choices are available for baked potato, octopus, vegetables, fish cake and many more.

8. Putu Mayam
Another item to be added to the checklist of pancakes I Appam. It is made out of rice flour with water or milk and its dough is being pressed to achieve noodle-like structure. It is best served when chilled.

9. Chicken Biryani
Served with the goodness of rice mixed with different extenders, meat and leafs. Biryani is popular and partnered with cucumber and plum tomatoes. Today, there are many kinds of this menu to choose from like Tehari, Mutton, Pork, Egg, Shrimp, Fish, Daal, and Soya.

10. Vada
This succulent fritter-type snack from South India is fit to meet your hunger and can be categorized as “super food”. It looks like a doughnut and it is created from dal, lentil, gram flour, and potato. Although it is deep-fried, the product opt to be prepared in not too oily manner so steaming it is required. They must be eaten right after being fried, and comes with various dips from Sambar to chutney to curd.